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Elitch Gardens Discussion Thread

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^ That's all I've been hearing.


Although I wouldn't mind an indoor water park


The location of this park is very...different. If it continues to be an amusement park, there really is nothing that they can do with it. There is no room for expansion. Anywhere! Also again with the I-25 traffic! Going down I-25 at 3mph on a 75mph highway.


Why a mall? About 3 blocks from the park is 16th Street Mall. Which is an outdoor mall, and for me, one of the coolest


Thoughts regarding Hershey or Kennywood. Personally, I bet if either of those companies buys the land, the park will be gone, and turned into resource offices for Kennywood or Hershy.


I'd still like to see the park dismantled, and rebuilt in another location.

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I have no problem with this at all, but the price tag does seem like a bit much.


If they can firesale sell it, it would be fine though. I mean, just get rid of the place. I really don't think it has any potential at all. The location, the rides, the space - it all equals below average and there is really no where for this park to go, whether it be up or down.

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I love all these people saying there is no way they can fit anymore rides into the park...


You obviously have never been to blackpool... Now granted it isn't exactly tasteful but they have rides on top of rides on top of rides... It is very possible to add probably 1-2 creative coasters to the land they currently have developed with minimal relocation or removal of rides.


Plus I have never understood why the area in the Twister 2 helix remains undeveloped. It seems like a great location for a (very) small flat ride...

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According to the Rocky Mountain News today, Six Flags wants to see it remain an amusement park, but will not turn down an investment bid if it's the highest. It is also rumored that there are up to 7 different groups interested in purchasing it and keeping it as an amusement park!


Lets hope that is true! I am hoping for Herschend Family Entertainment (owners of Dollywood) to buy it! They are one of the rumored interested parties.

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The guy was doing the chair-on-chair stunt on Friday night when he slipped about 30 feet up, he died Saturday morning.


I saw the show, twice, that guy was the one that always looked like he was going to fall.


Seriously? What else could go wrong with this park?! Death, its for sale, 52 characters fired, rides down rest of the year, no more parade, etc.

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I really hope that whoever buys SFEG will be knowledged of the parks history. I can still remember the old Elitch Gardens and how family oriented it was. The new owners should bring back the old parks flavor, that many Denver and Colorado citizens love. Every time I go to the new Elitch's I always hear somebody talking about how they miss the old park.


The old park was around for 100 years and the move was supposed to revive it and give it more room. In the end the park fell into the Six Flags corporate hell and now it could face closing for good. What a waste on such a long history.


My ideas (if they even are takin seriously). Have a good buyer that has the park's history and future in good mind. Get rid of some of the bad rides that were supposed to bring in more crowds (i.e. Flying Coaster, and Half Pipe) Lose the water park (it can give good space to add more theme park rides/ bigger coasters. Plus, Denver already has Water World which is hard to beat and is much better compared to Elitch's water park, plus bigger than all of Elitch's) Re-theme the park in ways to re-live the old park. Finally, lose the Disneyland price at the gate and go back to admission and riding stamps to attract more families (let people bring in picnics, what's the big deal about it?!)

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