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Strongest/Most forcefull Launch

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^^I totally agree. Especially when you get used to the height, hangtime and vertical drop (all lovely btw), the launch really begins to stand out.


Here's how I rank all the launched coasters I've been on, regardless of type. (This is judging the entire ride, not just the launch.)


1. California Screamin' (9/10)

2. Montezooma's Revenge (7/10)

3. V2: Vertical Velocity (7/10)

4. Superman: The Escape (6/10)

5. Pony Express (2/10)


As you can see, the LIM launches make a decent showing.

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Mr. Freeze has always felt pretty weak to me, but I'm going to be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to see how Speed's launch compares.


As for most powerful, if your counting any type of launch then Dragster would have to be the best for me, Magnetic, Maverick takes the cake. Just LIMS though, FoF was kinda intense, so was RnR but its been years since I've ridden them. Impulse coasters probably have the strongest LIM launch for me.

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So far that I've been on


Rock'n'Roller coaster Starring Areosmith.


The other Launches I've been on

Cheetah Hunt


(....I think I'm forgetting one)


But RNR Is the only one (Except on Cheetah Hunt if you load in bay 2) that stops before the launch....that seems to make it more forcefull.

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Strongest LIM/LSM launch is Volcano with Wicked Twister and Maverick behind it. My favorite launch hands down is TTD, I just love knowing the ins and outs vs everybody else on the train and knowing that when the train rolls back into the catch dog that there's no turning back. Then the Christmas tree counts down to greatness.

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I would have to agree, Volcano, WT, and Maverick. I love Mavericks launch...especially when everything in the tunnel is working.


I did have a question though, something that has been bothering me for awhile now. A few years ago I noticed what looked like LSM's on Rock N' Roller coaster, yet a a catch car comes flying back after launching each train. I always assumed it was hydraulics of some sort, but then noticed the white bars. I originally thought LSM and LIM worked similar. Why utilize the catch car with the LSMs? I thought those eliminate the need for something having to actually attach to the train to launch it. I hope my question is clear enough, thank you!

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I'd have to say Flight of Fear, for that type of launch. It may have to do with it being in an enclosed area (as opposed to the same type of coaster that is outdoors, like Jokers Jinx or those like Wicked Twister), as they seem to have more punch than Volcano to me. Or, it may be that the 2nd launch on Volcano is when the train is moving so that might also diminish the feeling of acceleration for me.


For any type of launch I'd say Hypersonic, and then the hydraulically launched coasters after that. IMO flywheel launches (like Montezooma's Revenge) seem to have more punch to them than the LIMs or LSMs do.

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