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Strongest/Most forcefull Launch

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I don't know about the strongest launch, but TTD was definitely the most intimidating launch for me. I think it was the sound of the launch cable more than anything that had me shaking with nervousness when I got on the ride. I had my eyes closed as the train sped up, both because of my (somewhat) irrational fear of the cable fraying again, and because I didn't want my contact lenses to fall out, lol.

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I've been on Ka and TTD, both have good launches but they aren't necessarily powerful. I found that Storm Runners is probably the strongest non LIM launch I've been on, it's just constant acceleration and you can feel it. The launch on on Maverick caught me off guard, it was a lot more powerful than I expected it to be, but overall, Chiller's was my favorite, and most powerful launch i've ridden, and you could feel it from the back row. It was fantastic.

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I can not even tell you how much I want to experience a compressed air launch. I'm obsessed, I've probably watched that Dodonpa video about 100 times. It makes me very sad that the technology seems to have been "outmoded" by more reliable systems (and possibly cheaper?). Imagine Kingda Ka's launch, but in half the time/distance and double the G-force. Does that not sound like the better ride?

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^It certainly does. But I don't think compressed air launches have been completely "outmoded" as S&S have been using it in some of their new coasters. Sadly, they're all in Asia. It's just a type of launch that, unfortunately, never took on with other manufacturers.

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Dodonpa looks frightening, but I'd do it...


TTD tops my list for strongest launch. First time on it was front row with my oldest brother. He later told me he was never prepared for it to be that strong! (I bought the ride photo right after!) Second place goes to Rock n' Roller Coaster, then (surprisingly) Thunderbird. Honorable mention goes to Backlot Stunt Coaster considering it gradually gets stronger the further down the launch strip the train progresses.

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