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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

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Well, I think it's just one of those sad now-they-find-out kind of heart breaks.


You can't predict that type of reaction, really. I mean, who knew, until after it was too late?


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I've also done the CPR/AED/First aid training, and AEDs are almost fool proof if you speak English. You just activate it, it tells you to follow diagrams for placing the shock pads, then it listens to the heart and advises you to hit the shock button, or not hit the shock button and continue CPR.

My local news had a "local expert" (a pediatric cardiologist) talking about it, and while thankfully he made it very clear that the ride itsself didn't cause the boy's death, he did say that his condition could have possibly been helped had an AED been there and been used quickly.

I don't think it would be unreasonable for Disney to add a bit of AED training into Traditions or some other training if they are going to start putting AEDs throughout the parks.



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But, in a situation that exists in using it, can we really rely on a 17, 18-22 yr. old to "remain calm" in a stressful situation and actually use this device under pressure? (even under the assumption of how easy it is to use). Some past (and current) history has shown that most ride operators panic in an accident situation (because we all generally become complacent over time if no accident has happened). I really smell lawsuits all across the board.


Management (at ALL parks) really need to incorporate accident-scenario's to expose employees to these situations and correct issues as they come about and learn how to deal with a situation (even if the situations have remote chances of an incident actually occuring). I have done some consulting work for a local traveling fair across the Hawaiian islands and we actually put the workers through accident-scenarios (just to expose them to the possibilities and corrective actions to take).


There have been many (134 PDF-files emailed) incident/accident reports I have received that most of the ride operators begin to panic (including a recent incident at a 6F park where the ride operator actually left the ride area-completely after an incident). So, what makes us believe that some ride operators can be competent enough in a "panic" situation in actually using a device such as the AED and use it effectively? Just a thought.


*What's next for the industry? Lawmakers on Capital Hill are going to have us all carry ID-cards on health issues and/or present a bill of health before riding amusment rides? *Cases to watch for considering the Bills Sen. Markey is presenting in having more control over Amusement Park Safety.

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Can't blame Disney for people getting on a ride with a pre-existing condition. But I must say, after listening to the 911 call, they seem so unprepared and unorganized, it's frightening.


And I think we get the point, Wes. Someone's dead and you're trying to find funny ways to list Aerosmith songs. Bravo.

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Plus, in 2000 the "federal AED law" was passed to provide Good Samaritan immunity to all potential rescuers.


First of all, thanks to all involved on an excellent discussion. The Good Samaritan Law mentioned here is exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned the fact that these cases are more about humanity than worrying about a resulting lawsuit. Although I understand how management could be leary of untrained or immature ops attending to guests in an emergency, I also think the guest's best interests supercede any onsite secondguessing at the time of the emergency.


This law is very important, as it proves that in the moment of any emergency, all human beings should be able to help their fellow man without need to worry about repercussions resulting from good intentions. In simplest terms, if you were the victim, would you be worrying about who was or wasn't qualified to attend to you if there was virtually "fool proof" equipment onsite which could extend your life until trained professionals arrived? I know I wouldn't be picky.


They say there's a silver lining to everything. Many are quick to condemn the family for suing Disney over the Mission: Space death. However, a tragedy like that, and now this unfortunate incident (as well as many others around the whole that don't receive the same attention) may prompt officials and park executives to rethink simple safety training and equipment issues at parks around the world. Again, for those who may miss the point here, AED's and great ride op training won't save everyone in any situation, but things like these don't hurt matters any.


Here's a couple links. The second one proves that ride ops don't necessarily need to feel the weight of the world on them. Saving a human's life doesn't always need to fall on the person running the ride.





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First, and I've discussed this in the the "Fmaily Sues Disney" Thread, the Good Samaritan Law is only as good as the jury you put it in front of. Quite honestly, I don't have much faith in jurys over the past decade. They often throw out strong legal arguments and law and form their own opinions granting plaintiffs immense awards (think tobacco suits). So, just because it's "law" doesn't mean it's set in stone.


Second, all employees are covered under their employer's liability policy under circumstances such as this. The family cannot file suit against them individually as they were an agent of the employer at the time of the incident.


Third, there's a lot of legal arguments about the placing of AED's in parks, buildings, etc. Some feel it opens more liability on the property owner than if they don't have one at all. And yes, I've heard the arguments on how "dumb proof" they are. Just remember there's always a better idiot.


I guess if they sue and get a large award, the family can take a Permanent Vacation.

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New Name, More Magic for Disney Theme Park


In the Walt Disney World® Theme Park famous for all things Hollywood, it’s curtain up on the launch of new attractions, new looks, new breakthrough experiences… and a brand-new name. Disney-MGM Studios will be renamed Disney’s Hollywood Studios, effective January 2008, announced Meg Crofton, president of the Walt Disney World Resort.


“The new name reflects how the park has grown from representing the golden age of movies to a celebration of the new entertainment that today’s Hollywood has to offer – in music, television, movies and theater,” she said.

With exciting coming attractions and experiences, the best and brightest of Hollywood is about to emerge for your Clients, Crofton said.


“As Disney continues to grow and invest in our family entertainment business, we constantly explore new ways to deliver high-quality, immersive experiences for our Guests,” she added. “As a park all about entertainment, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will deliver like never before. Now we can say that Hollywood is literally our middle name.”


"This is easily one of the most ambitious attractions rollouts in the 18-year history of the park,” Crofton said. “With so many great coming attractions, we are thrilled to be launching a Studios year unlike any other. Wrapped in a brand-new name… Disney’s Hollywood Studios.”



New Attractions & Experiences


Toy Story Mania!

Your Clients can get sporty in a new, interactive “Toy Story” competition inspired by Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story” films and hosted by characters like they’ve never before experienced. Past a queuing area featuring a giant Mr. Potato Head, guests grab 3-D glasses, board fanciful ride vehicles and zip into a world of exciting midway-style games hosted by many of their favorite “Toy Story” characters including Woody, Hamm and Rex. Toy Story Mania! takes the interactive ride-game experience to infinity – and beyond. (Summer 2008)


Block Party Bash

Play, party and dance as the Disney•Pixar Film Pals present “Block Party Bash,” the wildest, most interactive parade in Disney history. (Spring 2008)


Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage!

A whole new cast of friends from Playhouse Disney fills the popular Playhouse Disney stage. Children will be on their feet singing, clapping and dancing to performing stars from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Little Einsteins,” “Handy Manny” and more. (February 2008)


Disney High School Musical 2: School’s Out!

With new songs and a rollicking new spirit, the Disney Channel Original Movie “High School Musical 2” comes to life on the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is interactive fun as high-energy performers on a traveling stage invite all ages to catch Wildcat fever by singing and dancing. (Fall 2007)


Meet and Greet Adds Handy Manny

Disney Channel stars JoJo and Goliath and the Little Einsteins welcome Guests in the Animation Courtyard next to Playhouse Disney, and will be joined for the first time by Handy Manny later this year. (November 2007)

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^Well with the addition of "Pixar Land" and if the rumors are true about an addition of more Lucas Properties, Walt Disney Studios wouldn't be an appropriate moniker would it? Hollywood Studios is a broad enough title for the park that it could encompass about anything related to entertainment and basically that is what the park has been moving towards over the last few years. No longer is it just the glory of "old Hollywood" we now have "in things for now" appearing there like HSM and Playhouse Disney.

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I preferred Disney Pixar Studios, although I don't mind the new name, it seems slightly cheesy. I wish that they revealed more information on all of these upcoming attractions that were mentioned. I do like the the attractions that were reveaed, except for High School Musical 2 (haven't we had enough of that?). I think that this is a poitsive move for the studios though.

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