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  1. Go to South West Missouri to a little town called Brason and visit SDC
  2. Ok, thanks for taking the asshole approach on this, whatever. You do realize that we are talking about the same park that never did release what the final costs of building MAMBA was as well. Regardless of what is printed on the website, Stanley, Ozimeck, Bender, Decker, among others have all said that Patriot's speed is more than what they originally thought it would be (what was released in the press kit). This was stated at Mayhem I and again at Mayhem II. Frankily I don't see why you give a darn about it anyway, you live in SoCal and probably will never ride the coaster anyway unless you already have or are coming to gACE's Coaster Con in 2009.
  3. You do realize that Patriot is not up to full speed until it hits the bottom of the Immelman. The 123' drop goes into a progressively sloping linear delineation due to the topography upon which Patriot is built. The 60 mph comes from the press release. Patriot goes faster, the park for some reason won't release just HOW fast it does go. That is direct from the mouth of several members of mgmt.
  4. No. PATRIOT is no where near any residential neighbors. The park has buffer areas all around it. To the south is industrial -- who cares there if the park is loud. To the west is I-435 -- seriously the traffic will be louder. To the north is the parking lot and north of that is a cemetary -- I'm pretty sure the dead won't care too much. Then to the East is all undeveloped land that the park owns. Isn't filling B&M track the norm anymore anyway?
  5. It has not been officially released how fast Patriot goes (it goes faster, off the record). As far as CF:LP releasing the info so far ahead of time, I wonder if they don't have a backup plan as to where that woodie will go. All I am saying is that there have been A LOT of rumors about a GCII woodie coming to WOF in 2009 going around here and it sure does make me wonder.
  6. Call dibs (WOF) on Vortex, Drop Zone, Delirium and the Skooters. Valleyfair can have TopGun.
  7. ^yes but the BTR clone has been in two parks that have closed whereas Dominatrix has only been in one
  8. Maybe Frontier City can buy some of the rides since they are Wild West themed already!?!? Shoot I wouldn't mind if WOF bought some as well and put them in the Americana section of the park in the one section that is themed to the west.
  9. So the list of name choices for the new coasters will not include Goliath... and your point is?
  10. 3 - SFStL 1 - WOF 1 - CC with a possibility of another woodie being moved to WOF *shudder*
  11. ^Mind you the woodie will be a darn near copy of a woodie that is already at another park (that is not in the SFI chain) or so I have been told
  12. They will definitely add a lot more trees to the park. That was one of the first things they did to Branson USA/Celebration City. It will be interesting to see the conversion to THEIR way of doing theme parks.
  13. ^yeah hi, its a coaster for realz and stuff. GCII to be exact. Announcement should be Thursday
  14. I think a lot of you are overlooking the larger problem at hand. To move Villain to another park or to junk it.
  15. Train 2 of Patriot has always had a bad rattle for some odd reason. That being said, if you ride when the train is full it is less noticeable then when it is pretty empty. Bloodshed is brand new and will take some time to break in. Lore is the oldest of the Haunts and is pretty well established. Jack's Improv show is adult oriented. They do say right up front that after 6pm is not recommended for those under 16, but there are still parents who don't pay attention.
  16. None of them are really scary to me, but that is because I know a lot of the people in them and how they are laid out so I already know what to look for.... that and I was jamming out to Du Hast Mich in Asylum last night. I used my flash light as a microphone and it was like some crazed music video as I was going through the haunt. It was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of the screamsters tickled. They would come out to try to scare me and about that time, in the song it would say "NEIN!" and I would lipsync the words into my "microphone" and they just started laughing. It was probably the most fun I have ever had in one of the haunts at WOF. I wish I would have got a video of me doing it, because I know it was hilarious looking. Completely embarrassed my wife -- she should be used to me doing stuff like this by now. lol!
  17. I saw him too. He was with Mr. Wilburn, Mr. Bender, Chris Ozimeck, and Brandon Stanley. There were a few others in the group but I can't remember all of their names.
  18. If they are just going to scrap Double Loop send it to WOF. We could use a classic sit down looper.
  19. There was a wolf? Maybe you were on break when I went through. Are you stationed in the outdoor section? VFfreak, yes I got a few pics.
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