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SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD) Discussion Thread

p. 61: Jewels of the Sea Jellyfish Experience coming in 2024!

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Okay, I'm now convinced that this is probably the best family coaster anywhere. I definitely need to plan a trip to SeaWorld at some point this summer, both to ride this and because I haven't been since 2006. If I can, I think I'll shoot for June before all the schools get out.

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Heck, It's been awhile since I've done one of these so here it goes.


I'm house sitting for my Mother in San Diego and decided today to ride my bike to SeaWorld and check out the progress on Manta myself because I always have a hard time figuring out the layout of a ride unless I see it for myself. (But really it was because I had an annual pass and a new camera to try out.)


A panorama of the park's skyline from the bike path to SeaWorld. It really shows how well hidden Manta is.


By the way if you want to save a few bucks on parking I highly recommend that you bring a bike and park in one of the many free all day parking lots on Mission Bay Drive off of I5 before the SeaWorld exit. You only have to bike about a mile and the entire area is beautiful.


Here is a height guide for all the parents out there wondering if their kid's can ride Manta when it opens on May 26th


Right at the front of the park they have one of the cars on display. I know it's been posted before, but I think it's worth reposting because it really is a cool open design.


A bumper photo for all the coaster geeks out there.


Don't you wish the park's promotional images were true to what the ride will actually be? I for one would love to ride a B&M through a tropical sea cliff setting.


Before I took a picture of Manta I noticed that the cone of lights on the Sky tower had been removed. Is it just a seasonal thing or did they take them down for the construction?


There it is, the full glory of Manta's layout. with only one gap left in the track. Also it looks as if they are starting to build the themeing.


Just a quick blurry and heavily enhanced photo of the only woody in San Diego as seen from the observation tower. I really need to get out to Belmont park and ride it again.


After the Sky tower I was trying to get a photo of the construction of the themeing around Manta, but the fence was too tall even for my 6 ft. 2 frame.


Is that a hole in the fence?


Awesome, just big enough to take a peek.


Just out of curiosity, how many rapids are there that use the "large screw" method of pumping water?


As I was walking around Manta I noticed that their new self-stacking turtle exhibit was going well.


Another gap in the fence to exploit.


This is Manta's final element before returning to the station.


And finally a view from the Sky Tram once again showing how well hidden Manta is from outside the park.

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Now that darklingscribe has posted some pics from today I figure I should post some also. lol - it was such a nice day at the park and the ride is looking good! two updates in one day! OMGZ.


^Was it me or did was there little white spots on the track? Was it just the reflection of the sun or just me? or something that construction has to do with???


BIRD POOP! really it is, there is bird poop ALL OVER the track and the supports. See one of the pictures I posted below that mentions it...


It has been two weeks since my last visit and I wanted to check up on the coaster progress. Looks like the track is almost done and I can see the difference from my last trip. Here is some updates...


You can click on any picture for full size.


In this picture you can see 3 different sets of construction walls... yay for off season!

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


Now that the track is almost done, and the skytower is up and running you can get an even better idea of the scope of the ride.

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


More track from the sky!

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


ALMOST done.. still has some sudden ends lol. Looks like there is a conflict of space here...

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr



SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


more cuuuurve

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


cuuuurve.. with bird poop! really bird poop is ALL OVER the track and supports. Makes you think of that bridge that collapsed because of too much bird poop....

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


Not curving off the curve theme...

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


I posted a picture in the last batch with a fence in it and wondered if it was THE fence, looks like this is the fence that will keep us all safe from the ride.

SeaWorld San Diego Manta Construction by PadresFan619, on Flickr


I thought SWSD was a Coke park now? Did the Shamu trainers not get the memo? Do they still stick the employees with the lower quality Pepsi products? Hmmm....

SeaWorld SD - PEPSI?? WHA?? by PadresFan619, on Flickr


And even SWSD has its low-end shopping area. You did not want it at full price, maybe you will but it for 9.99?

SeaWorld SD Cheap Stuff by PadresFan619, on Flickr


And here is a link to my video where you can see the coaster in a moving ride, if you like that sort of thing. Sorry about the glare - it was bright and hot day today! They have updated the recording to talk about the ride to explain it if you are not talking over it or have no idea what you are seeing lol.


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^One train is on the track!


Sea World San Diego invited ACE to join a media hardhat tour of Manta on Thursday. The site is looking great. It's big - five acres that redefine the heart of the park.


Here's the new info: The first test runs are about a month out. One train is already in the maintenance bay. All four trains can operate at one time. Capacity is expected to be 1,400 riders an hour. Opening day is just over two months away, on May 26.


Although Sea World doesn’t release attraction cost info, Reilly said “it is up there” in terms of the park’s most expensive capital improvement.


One extra note. The park’s dolphin habitat is scheduled to reopen in a couple of days following a lengthy refurbishment. Guests will now have the opportunity to interact with the dolphins without paying an upcharge. Reilly said San Diego is the first park to try this approach.


Let's look at some photos:


What's that I spy? A train! A train!


They weren't kidding about the hard hats. Duck, it'll be worth it.


Yes! Smooth, smooth wheels. I must caress them.


We begged, but Reilly said there'll be no opening of presents until May 26.


Here's the whole, plastic wrapped beauty.


Must. Push. The. Button.


A twisty coming out of the second LSM launch.


Splash zone? The word I heard here was "skim."


Sea World park President John Reilly doing his media thing.


Last one - the signature swoop. Manta is deliciously curvaceous.

Edited by PAL
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One extra note. The park’s dolphin habitat is scheduled to reopen in a couple of days following a lengthy refurbishment. Guests will now have the opportunity to interact with the dolphins without paying an upcharge. Reilly said San Diego is the first park to try this approach.

What sort of 'interaction' as SeaWorld Orlando has had a dolphin "fondle pond" where you can pet the dolphins for years. You can also feed them for just the cost of the food (a few dollars, not much), so unless this is a full interaction, like Discovery Cove caliber, SeaWorld Orlando has been doing this as long as I can remember.

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^You could do that at San Diego too, although your odds were much better if you queued up and dropped, what, $5 for a tray of fish? It remains to be seen how this will be different. It's no DIP, but should be something more than what they offered for decades. We'll see if food trays are a thing of the past.

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Hey PAL, did they mention if the splashdown will be fountain effects or is the train going to actually hit the water? Also, did they mention if there's going to be any other water effects added to the ride?


I wish I could say. The park preserved an aura of mystery over a number of elements. For instance, we didn't get near the show building and its 60 foot long screen. Reilly repeatedly described the water element in near-miss terms. Visually, I'm sure there will be some kind of splash. I'm also looking forward to the near misses with the lagoon walls and the rock spire.


That's a sexy wheel shot Paul!
I took that extra special for you Chad. I know how you love a good up-skirt.
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Great aerial view of Manta’s fully installed track! The loading station and launch building are coming along too!


Hey Fans, here’s the first sneak peek on construction inside the Launch Building where Manta riders will literally be catapulted onto the course!!








Hey Fans, check out the inside of the Launch “Show” Building. Our contractor is currently building the super cool 270-degree video screen that will surround riders at the start of Manta displaying larger-than-life images of rays that will make you feel like you’re underwater with these magnificent animals before being catapulted up the track!!!

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Snapped this shot yesterday while at the park with my family. It looks like the scaffolding is coming down from the main rock structure, and is starting to look really good. The ride really does look really fun in person, and has a good chance of being kinda intense. Its going to be weird seeing a coaster zooming around at seaworld SD.


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