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  1. I'm just upset because this was sfmm one real shot at a top 10 coaster, and there's not one top 10 coaster with a twisting drop. Just saying
  2. I'm just going on the fact that every twisted drop I've ever been on sucks (ie, Riddler, Batman, Viper) compared to a straight drop (Goliath, full throttle, even old Colossus). You don't get that good feeling at all.
  3. My nightmares have come true!!! Were getting a twisted drop ((( So disappointed!!!
  4. My guess they will market it as the longest hybrid and also with the most inversions. What's record right now, 3?
  5. Nice find on those links. I tried putting in "iron'' instead of "twisted" and nothing came up. This 100% confirms to me it's Twisted Colossus
  6. I agree, I don't like the sound of Twisted colossus. Don't want to speculate too much, but that sounds like a bunch of inversions. Twisted first drop will be so disappointing!!
  7. Has anyone been to the park in the last couple days?? Is there any progress to report in taking the ride apart?
  8. I can't exactly remember where I heard/ read that, but I do remember it. They've followed on that path so far the last two years, so we'll see.
  9. Didn't RMC state a year or so ago that going forward they would be doing one redo of an existing coaster and one custom design. With cyclone at SFNE confirmed as a refurb doesn't this leave the custom one for SFMM.... Just saying
  10. Robb, how confident are you, that this will be some sort of project from RMC??
  11. First person to spot a RMC truck at the Colossus wins a huge prize!!!! Haha jk!!
  12. If I had to make a guess Id say this is going to be them tearing down most of the ride and incorporating just some of the old structure. I think this will be the biggest RMC project to date, I expect to see construction begin tomorrow. As for what's to come, I will seriously be so pissed if they do a 90 degree inversion spiraling first drop that I have a bad feeling is coming. Here's begging for a 200 ft plus standard 85 degree straight drop!!!
  13. Three years to construct?? Does this mean no rides or other attractions for the next 5 years? Also, doesn't this mean the killer whales are going to have an even smaller tank while construction is going on?
  14. Screamscape is reporting that the budget for the 2015 attraction has been cut and nothing new will be coming! If this is true, it is extremely disappointing not only for this park but the entire Seaworld brand!
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