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SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD) Discussion Thread

p. 61: Jewels of the Sea Jellyfish Experience coming in 2024!

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Everyone who thought that this coaster is "tame" is going to be in for a surprise! I can't wait to see how the theming interaction will be when the ride is completed!


If Cheetah Hunts first little and final launches are anything said for "slower speed" launches. This ride will follow in great footsteps, er Paw pr..dang it I mean Manta ripples!


Exactly, the final launch on Cheetah Hunt is (correct me if I'm wrong) around 40 MPH and has an unholy airtime hill, which is how fast Manta's launch is. Considering these hills are smaller than CH's, it'll be interesting to see exactly how much airtime this ride ends up having.


I wonder if Manta will end up having the best airtime in CA? You never know...

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Guys, also remember that just because track construction has slowed, construction is still progressing. They've expanded the indoor section with more steel erected. They've also been working on the area's entrance with the bridge, and track underpass foundation. This isn't like most other projects where they are just erecting a coaster, they're reconstructing an entire area.

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The San Diego Union Tribune published a nice update on Manta today. I'm surprised no one has posted it yet. This is the construction update:


Here's the latest on the construction, according to SeaWorld spokesman Dave Koontz:


Track: A little more than half the half-mile-long track has been installed, with the remainder to be completed by the third week of February. The highest point from ground level is 30 feet, but because the park excavated to a depth of about 24 feet in one area, the maximum drop is 54 feet. In addition, 54 of the 96 columns supporting the track have been erected.


Loading station: This structure, where people first get on the ride, is 65 percent complete.


Entry bridge: The concrete was just poured for what will be the pathway leading to the line to get on the coaster or to reach the attraction's underwater viewing area.


Rock structure: Starting next week, workers will begin creating the 30-foot tall structure, meant to be the iconic entry for the new attraction. It's expected to take two months.


Bat ray aquarium The perimeter wall for the 100,000-gallon aquarium was poured in December, and the interior walls were completed last week. The plan is to begin installing the large acrylic windows next month. It won’t be filled with water for at least another month and an half.


There's more, including a photo of the Manta front car previously seen at IAAPA. Find it here: www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/jan/18/seaworld-unveils-manta-themed-coaster-car/

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I like the flexibility of the Manta ERT. It seems so convenient that you don't have to visit the park on a particular day, but instead, (apparently) any morning during the summer. I'm not inclined to buy a pass myself, but I'm all for the option. Personally, I'm willing to just make a credit stop if lines are crazy (attempting to re-ride if I like it enough and have ample time), maybe even skipping my old friend Journey to Atlantis if lines are long there too.

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