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  1. I have a hunch this is the same technology we will be seeing in Shanghai Disneyland's TRON coaster.
  2. In regards to the costs comments, I think its important to realize that Holiday World clearly took a different approach with this ride. This isn't a ride plopped on a flat plot of land then covered with grass on the bottom and a bare-bones station (ala Six Flags and Cedar Fair). I am really glad HW is doing this expansion right and adding a really well themed area that will bring great atmosphere to the park, and differentiate the ride even more. Bravo, Holiday World.
  3. Perhaps my expectations were far too high, but this is exactly what I hoped Full Throttle at SFMM would have been. A massive, multilaunch terrain coaster with an incredible length.
  4. The biggest thing about these Chinese parks is that labor and resources are cheap enough to make the giant buildings and thematic buildings, yet they are never designed well. Sure there is a mountain range, but there is no means to address sight lines or any attempts to really "transport" you to a different time and place. I do think thats a problem with all these "theme parks" across china is that they are trying to imitate a Disney Park rather than Disney who tries to imitate a real location, culture, etc.
  5. Although the Intamin Mega-Lites are fantastic, I never understood what market they were catering for. They are really expensive (cost of coaster and maintenance), too expensive for most small parks and too low capacity for most large parks. I guess Mack took out the high maintenance costs and made a product that is comparable for parks.
  6. I imagine that Orlando and Hollywood's are going to be very similar especially after hearing these details.
  7. Just curious, what was different about the original layout? All I know of was the change to the first corkscrew and the inverted top hat, were there any others? Otherwise, thanks for the updates! In my opinion, this is the best coaster project of 2014. Absolutely blown away by how integrated this ride is into the park. And I'm a huge fan of Mack's latest coasters. Please keep the construction coming! I really appreciate it.
  8. I assume you mean madness as in super crazy cheap?!!? It's a crazy good deal for a big corporate park, especially for two of the best parks on the planet!!! Absolutely! Its incredibly cheap! $65 for a day at DisneySEA compared to $95 for a day at the Magic Kingdom. Americans are getting robbed by this standard.
  9. $65 for a one day adult ticket is madness by domestic standards!
  10. That floating mountain range looks pretty darn cool. Really excited about the new additions to DAK and think all of this will make it feel like a more complete park.
  11. OLC was originally formed as the company responsible for reclaiming land in Urayusu. And there was a very loose blue print from YEARS back that has since been diagramed by some Disney fans that shows the orientation of the reclaimed land so that its adjacent to DisneySEA but doesn't impact the view of the ocean. Again, I just don't think its worth throwing around rumors for a 3rd gate because there are no indicators that one is in the works
  12. OLC has said there is a possibility in the future once Disneyland/SEA reach capacity. And if a third gate was built, they've also mentioned that they would reclaim just beyond DisneySEA which I imagine would be incredibly costly. So I don't forsee it happening anytime in the near future, but honestly I can't imagine anything a third gate couldn't offer that couldn't already fit thematically into either Land or SEA
  13. I'm not sure you've ever been on an inverted coaster in your life.
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