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SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD) Discussion Thread

p. 61: Jewels of the Sea Jellyfish Experience coming in 2024!

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This seems like the perfect family coaster. It looks amazing. I'd like to see more of these popping up around the country, especially over here on the east coast. These even seem like they would be good family coasters for companies like Cedar Fair... even if they didn't have all the theming and tunnel that Manta has.


Congrats to SWSD on such a fantastic (and much needed) coaster!

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I am so excited to finally update you guys! THIS RIDE IS FREAKING AMAZING! Even the video doesn't do it justice.


- the Manta area isn't finished yet. There is a lot of landscaping, decorating, lighting, and work on the queue to be done before everything comes together.


- the rocking back and forth of the car at the launch is pretty neat! It gives you a better view of the screen, and gives you a feeling of anticipation, like "ready.......set.........go!"


- there is a negative G hill halfway through that is wicked. all the launches and banks feel much faster due to the close quarters. Manta really is an exciting ride


I'm going to leave a lot of stuff out, else it wouldn't be fair to the TPR guys who are fortunate enough to go this week. But in short, come out to San Diego and Ride the Ray, Feel the Rush!. I look forward to the week's updates!


Queue isn't finished yet, so there's just a long line


construction near touch-ray pool


neat ray-themed station


1st row is definitely worth the wait!


Manta in action!


hello little guy. if it weren't for you, Manta would never exist!

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Manta San Diego is a family coaster with bite. It looks tame at first glance, beautiful but tranquil. Climb on and you'll find this swooping ray is a bit of a daredevil. She turns on her side 90 degrees not once but twice, and briefly powers on positive Gs. The airtime is next, both sudden pops and floaty weightlessness. There are twisties too, including one that delivers a delightfully surprising lateral hop.


This isn't Maverick, but calling it Maverick for kids as my teen son did feels right. We visited earlier today for passholder previews, managing four rides in comfy seats all over the train. That sled is marvelous, open and airy, with soft over-the-shoulder lap bars. Simply brilliant!


The Manta site is still in disarray. Sea World staff and construction tradesmen were working furiously on the landscaping,pathways and queue. The gift shop isn't complete; the rider photo monitors still not in place. The aquarium tanks look a little barren. Supposedly all will be complete and tidy for Saturday morning's grand opening. I believe it. Give it a few more weeks. It should be a stunner by then, the complete package.


Sea World San Diego could have settled for much less given the park's well-documented struggles with red tape and NIMBYISM. They've done an amazing job within the constraints.


There are a few hiccups that might not be cured through ongoing test and adjust. Manta is not friendly to those of larger girth. Those of big bellies were failed one after the other when their restraints could not lock, a scene straight from El Toro's unforgiving platform. Unsurprisingly, loose articles were a constant problem. The ride crew is earnest and well meaning, but clearly unpracticed. They'll get better.


Thematically, that large and no doubt expensive tubular projection screen and its movie were flooded with light. There's nothing masking the tunnel exit. To us, the projections look washed out. Ultimately, it signifies little. The ride is the thing. Manta isn't big, won't cause your eyeballs to fill with tears due to shrieking speed, nor will it flip riders head over heels. It is fun, a journey that generates whoops of delight and laughs of joy.


Come try it! As for my son and I, we're thrilled our hometown finally has major steel. It isn't a white-knuckle thrill killer, but it's ours and oozes personality and quirky individualism. We love it.

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So I went for the passholder preview today, and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! Manta is the best thing to happen to Sea World ever. Watching this thing grow from start to finish and then be able to finally ride it was amazing!Like PAL was saying its not the most extreme but the first drop is really good, and there are a lot of pops of air throughout the ride. I was also really impressed with the second half of the ride and it's intensity, I initially thought it was going to be kinda weak.. I was wrong and happy to be. Everyone today was cheering as the train came back in the station, not only because the ride is awesome but because they realized their local park just got ten times better.. The themeing is awesome too, even though its barely finished. The lagoon looks great, and the splash Manta makes is huge (you even get sprayed a little if ur sitting on the right side of the train). All my friends who don't think anything about coasters loved it too, and wanted to keep riding. I could go on and on, but just go check it out for yourself!!!!

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This thing has creeped up out of nowhere as one of the coolest looking little coasters in the state. Looks VERY fun in pretty much every way. I feel like this looks more intense than screamin which ranks well on my list due to its fun and reridability and this looks like it will take a run for screamins spot on my list.

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Looks great! I'm surprised that SeaWorld didn't include footage of the projection tunnel in their on-ride video though.

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I really like the layout of this ride, and it should look even better when SeaWorld finishes all the landscaping and theming elements.


Looks like the Busch parks are winning the "sexy-looking trains" sweepstakes this year, too.

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Looks great! I had a feeling this might end up being somewhat of a surprise hit of the season and the reviews thus far seem to back that up! Looks like the perfect family coaster, perfect size, speed intensity, and seems like people had much more realistic expectations of this before opening (unlike some other "family" coasters that have recently opened). Great job Sea World.

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Well, I liked the coaster, and it looks really fun! But... Isn't it kinda boring in the end??? Well, guess i'm gonna have to ride it to know...


I actually really like the 2nd helix at the end


Also, someone mentioned the screens being washed with light. I noticed that too, even with the room closed off before the launch, it seems like the projections weren't 100%. Maybe that's something they're still working on though. (did anybody notice that you hardly get to see any of the movie when you're in the front row? still, worth it)


I really want to go back.... like right now... but I'm going to wait until the long weekend is over. Crowd forecasts are off the charts!

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