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  1. I didn't know RMC had hired Jesus to design their coasters! This thing looks insane!
  2. Does anyone know when six flags over georgia's schedule usually comes out?
  3. My vote without a doubt goes to the new years eve version of Fantasy in the Sky. It is simply one hundred percent INSANE!! The show is done with 360 degree perimiter fireworks, which makes the grand finale (a whopping two minutes long) easily one of the most insane and beautiful in the entire world. Check it out here from the polynesian beach about a mile and a half away. skip to about 2 minutes for the fireworks to begin and 8 minutes in to see the new years countdown and finale and 9:40 for the big finish! The fireworks are shot off from two locations, one in the middle of the lake behind the trainstation and another behind the castle. this means that when your in the park the fireworks are in both directions.
  4. ^ its the backstage maintanance area for the cars i HIGHLY doubt it will get repainted. Also if anyone is in innoventions be sure to check out the brand new venue think by ibm. Its a small piece of the culture of old epcot resurected in a new flashy form! Its rich in information, has some fun games, and a very cool motion sensor wall! If you are in innoventions check it out!
  5. Having ridden wild eagle, wing coasters are really great coasters, all the inversions feel wierdly drawn out, and they are super smooth. But they also are a bit on the forceless side. Wild eagle was a good coaster but it wasn't spectacular, in fact nothing about it really stood out at all in my mind, so while I think this will be a good coaster and a fun ride, I don't think it will be another mindblower like millenium, or maverick, or top thrill. Don't get me wrong. This looks like it has the most potential of any wing coaster built to date and looks like it will probably be the best wing coaster on the planet when it opens, I just dont think its going to be the mindblowing powerhouse coaster that the other three coasters I mentioned are. Then again only time will tell.
  6. Does anyone know if they plan to ggive the rest of georgia cylcone topper track like they did to the first portion last year.
  7. Hey just wondering if anyone knows when exactly this thing is scheduled to open?
  8. So if I am getting a degree in mechanical engineering is that along the right track to design roller coasters and theme park attractions? Also when is White lightning supposed to start showing up?
  9. I still wish the trees would magicallly grow bigger and turn verbolten into the black forest instead of the black warehouse dirtmound. Is the show building visible from the park?
  10. Im wondering if anyone else noticed that for a "black forest" most of verbolten is pretty barren of landscaping. Do you think they will add trees or something, or just wait a couple years for it to grow in?
  11. Everyday when I walk to my location you can see into the test track building. The entire Queue, and preshow rooms have been completely demolished and are totally empty.
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