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What is the best Rollercoaster in the World???

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The best coasters ever are:

Brainteaser at SFDL. There is so much speed, air time, and g-forces on that thing. It is also so freakin' tall!

Manhatten Express. That ride is so smooth. Way smoother than any B&M coaster.


The worst coaster ever is SROS at SFNE. There is like no airtime or g-forces on that ride. The layout isn't unique. It is easily the roughest coaster ever built! It is the worst coaster ever

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Well I don't have the highest coaster count in the world, but honestly I find Raptor, Mamba, Timber Wolf (extremely rough yet so fun, I love the airtime), MF, The Sreamin' Eagle, The Boss, Magnum XL200, and TTD (I love the thrill of the launch) to be some of my favorites.


-Justin "Okay, you can laugh at my favorites and coaster count now" Seabaugh

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There is no best, and hopefully there never will be.


But everyone has a personal favorite, or even multiple favorites.

I don't care if a ride is rated 1st, 10th or 100th by whatever poll. As long as I had fun while riding it.


By the way, a wooden coaster changes so much and so fast, it can be your favorite in the morning, your worst ever in the evening.

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My favorite wood and steel coasters are both in New England: S:RoS and Boulder Dash. Boulder Dash likely won't be there at the end of this year as A: It's gotten worse the past few years and B: I'm riding El Toro in a few weeks. My coaster count is 86, including parks like CP and GADV.

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Personally I didn't think much of Expedition GeForce, don't get me wrong it is a good coaster, but consistantly voted #1? Its not that good IMO. Just didn't do it for me I guess.


From what i've been on i'd say Kraken and Nemesis are my joint favourite coasters. I'd imagine they will be blown right down the list after my SoCal trip in 6 weeks time. We shall see.

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My favorite coaster is usually overlooked due to its age, but contains all the elements you look for in a world-class coaster. My favorite roller coaster is Kumba. For being built in 1993, this ride still kicks some major butt! It's got everything! speed, inversions, airtime (yes u do get airtime on this ride!), theming, and even a tunnel! Granted i havent ridden many coasters (58) but theres something about this ride that just separates it from all other roller coasters...

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