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What is the best Rollercoaster in the World???

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I'm not sure if I will ever find out what the greatest coaster in the world it, but right now I have a few coasters that I think are the best in the world, as far as I know. (Maverick ) But now I know it's going to come down from the top eventually. I was hooked on Millennium Force for quite a while, and I just couldn't think of how something could be better than that. Now that I've had something that's better, I really understand that there will always be better things out there. So I keep an open mind on what I think is the best. There's a lot of coasters out there that look incredible, and some day....I'm going to try them out.


But I think I can say the best drop ride goes to Giant Drop at Dreamworld

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I don't really have a favorite, it all depends on the mood I'm in.


Favorites (as a group):


Goliath (Walibi World)

Goliath (SFoG)



Apollo's Chariot








Georgia Cyclone


Shivering Timbers

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1) Deja Vu (Outside seats) (Magic Mountain / Coming to Silverwood)


2) Screamin' Eagle (St. Louis)

3) La Vibora (Over Texas)

4) Batman the Ride (Over Georgia / Magic Mountain / Great Amreica Over Texas / I think that St. Louis is just good, and not great compared to the rest.)

5) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland's is a little better than Disney World's)

6) Mr. Freeze (Over Texas / St. Louis)

7) Georgia Cyclone (Over Georgia)

8) Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)

9) Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

10) Space Mountain (Walt Disney World / I don't like Disneyland's at all.)

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My favourite is Superman: Escape at Movie World in Australia. 2nd is Colossus at Thorpe Park, followed by Nemesis Inferno. I also really like the Bat at Canada's wonderland.


Havn't been on many as you can probably tell, but I'm going to cedar point this year.

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The best in the world? I don't know. I've only ridden coasters in the States. But my favorite, easily, is Voyage. I really can't imagine how a coaster could be better. It's got tons of airtime, it's out of control, it's got laterals (laterals are the No. 1 thing I like in a wooden coaster), the tunnels are amazing. It's got the best turnaround I've ever been on, and the return trip is the best. It's the best out and back, the best wooden coaster, best everything.

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X hands down is the best coaster in the world. For those who haven't been on it you really cant explain in words the intensity of the ride. Millenium Force,Tatsu and Kinda Ka are a close second.....in my book that is.

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For me its easily El Toro. Even early in the day, it was ridiciolously fast. And by night it was even crazier. I have never been on a coaster which feels so alive. It doesnt feel like its rolling, it feels like the train is deciding how fast it wants to go. And it wants to go fast!!


In fact, El Toro was so good that when we rode Superman (SFNE) a few days later our first thoughts were "Thats it?".

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I'm going to go with Expedition GeForce, which I liked a little bit more than El Toro.


The first drop on GeForce has to be experienced to appreciate the unique, whipping action it does towards the back of the train. The second hill is pretty much the best airtime hill ever. Pure ejector air way up in the air. It has nice turns with the overbanks, even though I'm not really into laterals that much. Oh, and the twisty hill before the bunny hops is a great maneuver and again something I've never experienced on any other coaster. And the final bunny hops are filled with ejector air.


I understand that GeForce doesn't always run as well as it did for TPR, but I can only judge it by how it ran for us. And it ran GREAT! It sent Goliath at Walibi World crying home to momma. As well as every other hyper I've ever been on. Though SFNE'S SROS is conspicuously absent from my credit count and I'm not likely to add it this year.

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