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What is the best Rollercoaster in the World???

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I'm going to have to also say Expedition Ge Force. The first drop is the greatest. (You have to sit in the back seat for it to be out of this world)

The airtime is unbelievable.


1.) Ge Force

2.) X

3.) Alpengiest


1.) Collossos

2.) Screamin Eagle

3.) Roar (SFDK)



How could you vote for a coaster that you've never been on. I never have understood that.



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My updated list :

1. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

2. Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

3. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

4. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

5. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

6. Griffon (Busch Gardens Europe)

7. Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Europe)

8. Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland)

9. Silver Star (Europa Park)

10. Goliath (Walibi World)

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The next one.




as for mine based on a count of 60 coasters:



Raging Bull ---------------(SFGAM)

Top Thrill Dragster--------(CP)

Flight of Fear--------------(KI)


original Batman the Ride-(SFGAM)




American Eagle--(SGFAM)



Millennium Force (CP) & the Voyage (HW) are way overrated

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Top 5

1.Superman Escape (WBMW) Intamin Accelerator

2.Tower Of Terror (DW) Intamin Launched Reverse Freefall(Like Superman THE Escape at SFMM

3.Scooby Doo Ride (WBMW) Mack Indoor mouse Coaster

4.Cyclone (DW) Arrow Custom Looper

5.Motocoaster (DW) Intamin Motorbike Coaster.



All are in Australia.

But when i go to new york in August im going to Gadv and CP and maybe SFNE and on the way home BGE and SFMM and maybe DW.


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What ones do I like best?


Wood: Phoenix, Boulder Dash, El Toro - only a split hair between them for me, all different ride experiences all awesome. If I had ridden them, I think T-Express and Balder would challenge.


Steel: Superman Ride Of Steel @ SFNE, though I think Expedition GeForce would challenge if I had ridden it.

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I think the best steel rollercoaster in the world is Nemesis @ Alton Towers.

It has the speed, the g-forces, a compact layout and great theming combined into 1 great rollercoaster.

And my number two steel is Expedition GeForce. This rollercoaster has the speed, g-forces and a insane layout but they forgot a great theming.


As for wood it will be Colossos @ Heidepark.

This is the world first Intamin plug n'play woodie. It has a freaking firstdrop, great speeds and insane airtime.

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Wood: El Toro is by far the best coaster I have been on, wood or steel. However, the best experience is riding Thundercoaster in the rain. No line, two-train operation and a ride that was just going "too fast" makes it the most amazing coaster experience Ive ever had. Unfortunately the average ride is nowhere near that good.


This is closely followed by Boulder Dash and Thunderbird. I cant really decide which ride I think is the better one. Fifth on my list is Balder.


Steel: I cant decide between Storm Runner and Nitro. Storm Runner is pure intensity, while Nitro is just a plain fun ride that I could ride all day long without getting bored. And then theres Wild Train, a ridicilously funny coaster. Followed by these rides comes a bunch of rides that I find very hard to rank; SROS @ SFNE, Tornado @ Särkänniemi, Katun, Superman la Attracion de Acero, Lisebergbanan, etc.....

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