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  1. This is so exciting! I'm so excited to go to BGT next year and ride this! Roberto
  2. Great TRs! Keep em coming, I'm enjoying reading them. Roberto
  3. I heard that the word dork is actually the name for a whales penis. Considering this is Japan. Does that surprise me?
  4. Woooo!!! Bonus credit. I hope the Bonus Credit had a bonus HELIX! I want to be in China Have fun Guys Robby
  5. Great TR guys. I've been so eager to get out to South America Now it's killing me not being there! Robby
  6. I read that all that land across the entrance road(across from X2) SFMM owned, and that they would do a SFKK style thing. Just repeating what i read. Robby
  7. Great Trip Report. I'd love to go to Ireland and now that i know they've got coasters, I want to go more. Robby
  8. Having a race twice a year does not make an entire market a tourist hot bed. Plus, it's the race that's the attraction on those weekends--not the park. I think we need to give this whole "giga does/does not equal KD in the top 20" discussion a rest, folks. It's just dissolving into pointless bickering because no one can really prove anything. Opinions have been aired, so let's just leave it at that. Well put. The end EDIT: The reason for requoting the whole post is i'm on my mobile(or cell as you call it) and it wouldn't let me
  9. SERIOUSLY kingsdominionlvr, there attendance is NOT going to raise 200% in the next couple of years. I do NOT understand why you keep arguing this point. I don't post often in this thread. But i am an avid reader And you are just getting annoying now and NOT proving a point. SO! We will all agree that Kings Dominions Attendance will NOT triple for at least 10 years. The End.
  10. Great update Robb. I really want to go on one of these trips. Carowinds seems like a nice small park. Enjoy the rest of the Deep South! Robby
  11. Download is here. KD-Giga-Coaster2.nltrack This is it. From KD Fansite.
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