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Battle of the top coaster designers  

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  1. 1. Battle of the top coaster designers

    • Intamin
    • B&M

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Believe it or not, B&M's break down too due to lift problems. It's not like a lift is a problem-free choice.


Plus, once LSM's are synced, they have very few problems. There is much less physical contact, which means much longer lasting and reliable systems.

You would also be very surprised as to how accurate launches are. Even the most known rollback machine, TTD, monitors speed all throughout the launch and perfects the speed every time. The reasons the ride rolls back are weather conditions, other faulty parts, or simple variables in nature (air pressure, gust of wind, etc...), not due to random launch inconsistency. It's just simply a large ride. LIM/LSM's are even more consistent, because they have to be timed correctly or they overheat. Rides such as Maverick launch extremely consistently.


The reason Intamin coasters break down so much is because they make their control systems more complex, especially the block systems. (two train dispatch, dual station, etc..) B&M's even have the same kinds of problems, you just never hear too much about them.


And if you think B&M inverts don't have airtime on the first drop, come ride Raptor and sit on the right side.

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As much as I love Intamin (and I LOVE Intamin rides), if someone told me both companies were in danger and only one could survive and keep building coasters, there is no way I could pick Intamin over B&M. B&Ms are far too solid and reliable, and just enough of them are epic in a way to give them a slight edge over Intamin. B&M is the company that started my whole coaster obsession to begin with.

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^Thanks for rephrasing that but not all coasters that go through rollbacks have tophats pony express did that and it was all because of that infamous, faulty intamin cable.



Umm, Pony Express is a Zamperla made ride, and it was not the cable that caused it to crash, either.


Anyways, my hat goes to Intamin because they like to change up what they create. BM coasters are very predictable, and just seemed uninspired.

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I am voting for Intamin,becuase they made the best coaster on earth cough* Indtimadator 305 cough*. But I think there better becuase Intamin can do more cool elements with there track,and I think most cosater they make are smoother for an longer time then B&M's.

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For me its Intamin. Theyre so creative and innovative. Besides the X-raptor, you don't usually see much innovation out of B&M. Plus, theres El Toro, Maverick, Milennium Force, SFNE's Bizarro, can't deny Intamin's edge imo.

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When this poll was created definitely B&M. But lately Intamin turned insane, and brought us things like TTD and MF (not saying these are their best coasters); which lead onto things like Maverick, Expedition GeForce and iSpeed. B&M haven't come out with anything as iconic lately...

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For me its Intamin. Theyre so creative and innovative. Besides the X-raptor, you don't usually see much innovation out of B&M. Plus, theres El Toro, Maverick, Milennium Force, SFNE's Bizarro, can't deny Intamin's edge imo.

You act as if B&M has never innovated anything prior to X-Raptor, while two of the coasters you've stated (MF and Bizarro, El Toro to an extent) are pretty straight-forward rides.

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When I think of the few rides from each company I have ridden...



Silver Bullet - Knotts

Batman - SFMM

Great Bear - Hershey

Flight Deck - CGA

Riddler - SFMM

Vortex - CGA

Scream - SFMM

Tatsu - SFMM



Fahrenheit - Hershey

Stormrunner - Hershey

Screamin - Disney

Superman - SFMM

Xcelerator - Knotts


..... though I might not have been on that many from each, I feel that B&M is a lot smoother than Intamin. Every time I ride Xcelerator, I wonder why it is so rough on the over-banked turns. It also seems that Intamin rides tend to have more down time, yet that can completely depend on the park and how their operations go. All in all, B&M gets the gold star.

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There are some really cool Intamin rides that i adore but unfortunately they have also made some rides that do not deliver in my opinion. An example of that is Insane that i think lack the smoothness that you're used to when it comes to Intamin (actually i think Kirnu is a better ride). Their accelerators really delivers...when they're not down due to technical problems or maintenence. Thats why my vote goes to B&M, the Rolls Royce of coasters. Unbeatable when it comes to smoothness and reliability. And as has been stated here earlier - they age very well.

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Intamin, manly because most of the coasters in my top 10 are Intamins. And there ride just keep geting crazier and crazier. there are some B&M's I really like but most of them are 1990-2000 B&M's with the exepation of Tatsu.


EDIT, considering that the best manufacture thread was closed because of this thread, Ill just post my top 5 hear.



2.The Gravity Group




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Favorite wooden coaster: El Toro @ SFGADV

Favorite steel coaster: Storm Runner @ Hershey

Most insane coaster moment: Insane @ Gröna Lund

Favorite non-coaster ride: Atmosfear @ Liseberg


I think my answer is quite obvious....

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I try not to compare the two as they offer different rides thanks to the trains, track etc, but I'll give my two cents. B&M has this kind of elegance in their rides. Each one has the ability to appear to be going both fast and slow at the same time. They are also a lot more into the "swoopyness" I guess you could say, a lot of easier transitions etc. Intamin just wants to kick your A$$ whenever they can with speed quick direction changes and high G's. I really enjoy both companies but as a beemer fan boy B&M wins this debate.

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In my opinion, Intamin is the better company. I may be a bit influenced, though as i have two examples of Intamin's greatness next door (Expedition GeForce and Colossos) while Black Mamba and especially Silver Star were kind of boring. On Silver Star you feel just like riding a cabrio on a hilly highway and you can easily just sit there, enjoy the view and have some small talk with your neighbor. On EGF, hovever you just enjoy the ride and the totally awesome ejector airtime while your eyes are watering due to the wind - on every row!


When I look at the recent developments in the amusement industry, I notice that B&M cares more for a safe and reliable ride rather than a totally awesome one like Intamin. And although B&M seems to be pushing the limits a bit more in the last years (crazy chinese flyer, Leviathan), Intamin is just even more extreme"OMFG" experience rather than a smooth hilly trip that might or might not include one inversion or two.


Also I believe that the downtimes of typical Intamin rides are a bit exaggerated - in the last years I have visited Holiday Park and Heide Park quite often and there were never any problems with their Intamin rides - be it a coaster with a lift hill, a launch coaster (Desert Race), a Free Fall Tower or anything else. However, when I went to Europa Park, Silver Star broke down for half an hour while I was in line. That may not say anything, though.


What I can't understand about Intamin however is their restraint policy. I'm quite tall (1,97m/6ft 5inches) and I don't like Intamin's OTSRs at all- to me, they feel amost as restricting as a "standard" OTSR. I think it is a shame that a classic Giga coaster like i305 has them (although it may be necessary due to the massive amount of extrme twists on the ride) and especially a ride like Skyrush would be 10 times better without them, I believe. Apart from this, however I can't understand why there has been only one major Intamin coaster announced for 2012 while B&M will build 6 or 7.

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B&M definitely has their safety record going for them, and they have some great new stuff coming out next year like Leviathan and the new Wing Rider at Six Flags Great America. But when you look at the Mitch Hawker results, Intamin wipes the floor with B&M.

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