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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

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^Surely there's a possibility of it. Think about how Top Thrill Dragster has stalled at the top. It has happened several times. When it comes to launched coasters, it's much easier for a rollback/valley/stall than most traditional chain lift coasters because launch speeds can vary ever so slightly, but just enough to make a difference. If I remember correctly, Kingda Ka has fin brakes on the top of the tower to where if the train is going slow enough, it will just roll back instead of balancing. Can anyone confirm this? I've heard it before but I can't remember from where.


Anyway, if it could happen on a top-hat after a launch, it could happen on a vertical loop after a launch as well.

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I feel the tire, instead of making it roll back, it will be able to push a slow train over the top and continue the ride. This could be a hint the ride may not travel super fast round the loop, or maybe it is a precaution to make sure it makes it round more often.

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The Fuji-Q website has just revealed the new stats for Dodonpa. The loop won't be the tallest, but it will be the largest in diameter. In addition, the launch will be 5mph faster while still reaching the max speed in 1.8 seconds.


Loop Diameter: 39.7 m (World's largest * Guinness records acquisition loop of America exceeding 38.75 m diameter in-house investigation)

Loop Height: Approximately 49 m (160 ft) above the ground

Maximum Speed: 180 km/h ( scheduled ) at 1.8 seconds start * Old Dodonpa maximum speed: 172 km/h

Full Length: 1,244 m (old Dodonpa 1,189 m)

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