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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

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I remember wanting to ride that raft ride. But then I started seeing drenched people coming off it. And then I got a fairly good look at the RAPIDS in the upper troughs just splashing over, with poor raft riders caught in the swells... and as I remember it, the queue was pretty long too, at the time.


Then I posed for a photo - and noticed one number was

missing from all of the numbers posted.... my lucky #33.


Eep. So I passed on the Raft Ride. Looked awesome though. And mucho wet.



*By the way, I think that New Large Coaster is a great name for it!


Me and the space for #33. July 03/2013. TPR Japan Tour.

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Not sure when this happened because I haven't seen it elsewhere but Fuji-Q has it's own Toy Story Mania style ride based around the Naruto anime now? https://www.fujiq.jp/en/attraction/kagakuningudojo.html


Hi Garet,


it was there when we visited in October of last year.


I mentioned it in my Trip Report. . I liked the design of the building, but was L.O.S.T. as I am not familiar with the anime, other than that some of the characters wear those metal head bands.


So I just shot at everything. . LOL


I wouldn't say it's anywhere near the level of ToyStory Mania, but it really does *want* to be that. It was interesting, but nothing I'd make a trip to the park for. (unlike Farm De Bang Bang !! at Nagashima SpaLand, which I LOVED).

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^ Thanks, I have some older elementary students who would love to know a Naruto shooting ride exists when my school re-opens.


it's not just the ride, it's a whole little area of the park with that theming (just FYI).


there was a "museum" too. . which I didn't go in, since again - not familiar with the property.. .so can't tell you if it's good or not. As well as some themed food stands, and a store.

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Fuji is actually open despite all the other parks being closed. I can't work out if these running times for the rides when park hours are 9-5 are somehow corona related or just typical Fuji.


And yes I'm back to being bored at home. After 2 days back at work, the school semester got delayed again and there was a case 500m from my house and the guy decided to ride the public bus home after his test, and he had no contact with known cases (although they're still trying to trace where he's been) so there's pandemonium in my town (in terms of moms sending the little kids back to the school I'm at) so it could be a very long haul. Korea had got the numbers down but I'm worried we are in for a second outbreak if these little cases keep popping up even in little towns like ours that can't be traced.


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^I was mostly joking about it being Fuji operations and giving them the benefit of the doubt it's shortages due to Corona but I also think what you say is true/even worse.


Considering Eejenaika is 9-11 and 3:30-5:00 and Do-dodonpa and Takabisha fits perfectly in between that with 11:30- 3, I wouldn't be surprised if they are sharing a work crew so lines will be shut to fit around that schedule and give them time to close one ride/get over and open the others. I remember Eejenaka had a bigger crew due to having a left and right side loading, I wouldn't be surprised if once it closes the workers are split to the other two big coasters. A lot of those times seem to indicate pairing that way. That's pure speculation on my part, just the timings work for a lot of those rides.

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The park has reopened but only to local residents:


As a measure against new type coronavirus infection, we limit the number of people who can enter the park to those living in Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka, and Niigata prefectures. Please note that residents outside the applicable area cannot enter the park.


When you come to the park, you will be required to wear a mask , fill out the admission confirmation form, and present your ID card . We will implement admission restrictions such as temperature measurement and hand disinfection. You can check the details here .


In addition, we currently operate only outdoor attractions and some food and beverage / store facilities.


You can check today's attractions operating status here .



By the looks of the schedule they're running split shifts on rides again e.g. Eejenaika 10:00-11:00 and 14:45-17:00 with Takabisha and Do-Dodonpa in between at 11:45-14:00 or the Sky Roller running 13:30-15:00 with the Star Flyer running before and after.

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A new tourist attraction "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Tower"

Planning to open Summer 2021 will be a new 55m observation tower tucked into the turnaround on Fujiyama. Initially it was designed to help with inspections of the coaster, but now the plan is also to make it into an attraction in itself affording views of the coaster and the clouds in the distance that are probably obscuring Mount Fuji. 

It will feature:

  • Observatory "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Sky Deck
  • Skywalk "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Walk"
  • Tube slide "Fujiyama - King of Coasters slider"

Images: Fuji-Q 

Full details and more photos here



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