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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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Vancouver, Canada:


The Coaster - The Only Reason my home park still is around, AND doing okay financially.


That, and all the times it and the Corkscrew get "rented" for use/background in films and tv-movies, etc.



Celebrating 50 years, next year! A nice woodie that still has great airtime and throws you around very nicely, lol.

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home park: Michigans adventure and Cedar Point. Im stuck in the MIDDLE of both.


MiA- Coaster: Shivering Timbers.

Flatride: Sea Dragon

Biggest Dissapointment: The Ferris Wheel ?


CedarPoint- Coaster: Mantis/Millennium Force

Flatride: Power Tower SpaceShot/ maXair

Biggest Dissapointment: MAVERICK. =[

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While it used to be Viper, it is now Raging Bull. My last ride on Viper for the season showed just how far it has come from even last year. Maybe it was the cold,the roughness, the little airtime, and the slowness of the train, or the fact I rode all four B&M's after lunch before Viper. However, Viper is just not the same great ride it used to be, but hopefully it gets better by next May. Raging Bull has just gotten better with each ride.

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My home park is Carowinds. My favorite coaster is Top Gun, but Thunder Road just holds a special place in my heart. Pufferfish, I'm not a big Borg fan either. I've only managed to ride it once with how horribly they run the line, but it just didn't do that much for me. I have also despised the Hurler since day one! (but I still have to ride it every time I go to the park...sad, I know..)

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