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  1. Thank you to those of you that accepted my challenge for today! Just FYI...The Carowinds TPR team is only $35.00 away from our team goal of $1,500. If anyone would like to bump that up...it would be fantastic!! Everybody have fun this weekend. Work is running me into the ground, but I'm looking forward to some air time stress relief this Sunday!! Thanks again! KerryB
  2. OK...I just did a mad scattering of donations to multiple members!!! Some of you, it was a thank you for a previous donation. Others...it was why not! Go Team TPR!!! (Robb...it appears to have been a $90 round of donations...does that still earn some bonus TPR fun?) Go Team TPR!!! PS...I'll be working a 12hour shift tomorrow. When I get home, I will match up to $10.00 per donation the first five donations I receive throughout the day...how does that sound? Game on!!!
  3. You and me both!!! I couldn't take a trip this year due to job instability...here's hoping for next year! Let me know if you decide to sign up for a trip. It is so great to see familiar faces having a blast in Japan though...scream a little for me!
  4. Got my Team TPR pack...I've send out some email blasts to try to get that last bit to reach my goal! There are only three members in the Carowinds group, but we are only $115.00 away from an even $1,000 raised..so close! Hop on in there if anyone still wants to work towards the generous bags of crap offer! Here goes one more shameless plug on FB!! Go Team TPR! And for those that donated to my page, thank you!
  5. My tax refund finally came through...so I just made a quick round of donations. Getting excited for the event! I'm still way off from my goal as I decided to raise it, but it's all good! Just glad to go beyond contribution and participate this year! Go Team TPR!
  6. I work weekends at a hospital with very few people to cover my shift if I take off. Mid-week is perfect for me! I personally love this idea!!
  7. Back in the late 80's or early 90's I remember hearing about two guys flipping a river rapids boat at KD. Supposedly they stood on the outer portion of the seats and rocked it. Death of some sort was involved. Also, parks shutting down log flume rides because people have been jumping out from the upper levels into surrounding trees and such. Rather than closing due to upkeep issues.
  8. Question...I am updating my profile and such now that the link works. I would like to post something on FB about once a week for right now, preferably some kind of video or even, Kara, some of your stories and photos that you have posted. Something to catch people's eye and then cause them to hopefully be willing to click on that donation link. Is there a way a file could be created for us to pull from? Something that we could then personalize with a statement and the links to our individual pages? Or is it cool for me to copy and paste what is posted here? I just know that videos, stories, and photos draw me in and I am sure that will catch the attention of others as well. Thanks!
  9. Hello Team TPR!! I am so excited that I will be able to participate in this years event. My link had some issues for a bit, but it is up and running now. First donation was from a FB friend I haven't seen in person in over 20years. Here's hoping many follow! Later, KerryB Here's my link: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/KerryBuchanan/Carowinds2013
  10. ^Agreed! Ice Cream and maybe the Nobel Peace prize! I'm loving this update. I'm so proud of the TPR family for really supporting this event. I can't wait to participate next year. Go Team TPR!
  11. I am proud to say that I'm a Harry Potter fan, but even if I was not I think this is a great move for the park. Some updating is very needed there and why not take advantage of this boon of a franchise. I'm not a great fan of carbon copies either, but we do need to remember that the majority of the public out there do not get to visit the same amount of parks that we park geeks do. It's only a carbon copy if you have the interest and ability to travel to each version. I would love to see a shift in the focus however..such that others have mentioned. Diagon Alley instead of Hogsmeade. Maybe even with Gringotts, including the dragon escape, in the magic potter box rather than FJ. There are plenty of options without having a complete clone. I am sure whatever they decide, they will see a good result in the numbers from this decision.
  12. Glad to say that the first Blue Ray's I will own of any kind will be TPR! Now I just hope I get that Blue Ray player I'm counting on for Christmas...Also, I used my Club TPR codes without any problems. Thanks again Robb & Elissa!
  13. Ice Bat demands your presence at this event! So now you must attend... dt Although the trip was Ice Bat approved...it was unfortunately not MRI approved. If only I didn't need the job to keep my house, eat, or go on fabulous TPR vacations! Have fun and fingers crossed for next year!
  14. I'm seriously considering this...if I can get off work! Should find out this week...fingers crossed!
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