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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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ok I have 2 home parks, I live in NJ and go to college in PA.


Park 1: SFGAdv

Fav Coaster: El Toro & Medusa

GP: I see the 2 guys above me, sorry I think you're a little off, Kingda Ka and El Toro are correct, but so many people brag about Nitro being there favorite, I've barely heard many Supermans and I've been to that park many times, they complain more about Superman because of the wait.


Park 2: DP

Fav Coaster: Steel Force

GP: Mostly Steel Force, but many say Talon too

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Well, I have three parks that I consider my home parks:


Sylvan Beach:


Personal Favorite Coaster - Galaxi - It's the only coaster there. But I made a pretty darn insane wooden coaster that I managed to squeeze on to a plot roughly the size of the parking lot behind Galaxi.




Personal favorite: Whirlwind - It's not extreme, but it's fast paced, fun, and with a line of usually 10 minutes or less, you can ride that and everything else many times in a day.


GP favorite: Mainly Whirlwind, some say Jack Rabbit. I side more with the Whirlwind people, as Jack Rabbit just sadly does not have much airtime, but I can say that it is fun.


Darien Lake:


Personal favorite: Ride of Steel - This is basically like a little SFNE S:ROS - it is a great ride.


Close second: Boomerang/Viper (tied) Why? Viper is amazingly smooth despite its old age, and is pretty forceful , and I find this Boomerang quite smooth, really, and the fact that these things pull 5.2 freaking G's, which the only coasters that I know of topped that was Thriller/Zonga pre drop neuter, (6.5 G's) and Tower of Terror in Gold Reef City (6.3 G's)

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