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  1. hi, first of id like to say i don't post here often, but i would like to change that. So now onto your questions. I'm from jackson new jersey and i go to GADV about every weekend. 1) You might want to, the line can get REALLY long for it. Last weekend when i went it was out of the line(along with EVERY other ride except scream machine) out along the fence on the other side. - Didn't see Ka's line last time i went but you might want to head there next. 2) The best one this year is, frontier land.(runaway train log flume) there are only about three areas this year. here is a picture where the zones are the red scribbles are the areas. Lake front,Board walk and frontier land. Last weekend when i was there, i noticed no one by nitro ,batman etc. 3)the lines are Always bad, maybe go to that first it you want to ride it more then any other ride. 4)No you are not allowed to bring food in, you can always get your hand stamped and go out to the car. What i do suggest is eat lunch etc before the normal time, say you are going to eat lunch, maybe eat at about 1-2 so when everyone else eats lunch, you can go on rides. 5) best of the west. By the way, there pickles are good 6)yes you can get whistles, last time i went they were in the looney toons shope. (to the left a little before the fountain and all you have to do is ask) hope all of that helped
  2. i was there that day but not until later in the day. i didnt see you guys though.
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