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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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Cedar Point and Waldameer could both be considered home parks, since they're both 90 minutes away or so. I haven't gone to Waldameer yet, but it's basically guaranteed that by the time I go next season, Ravine Flyer II will be the best coaster there. As for Cedar Point, I haven't decided.


Also, Dominator.

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My home park: ???


We DID have Wild West World...now closed.

We DID have Joyland...now closed.


So It's a tie between WOF and Frontier City. I think FC is closer, so we will go with that


The best coaster at my home park would have to be either Diamondback (Arrow Shuttle Loop) or Silver Bullet (Schwarzkopf Looping Star). It's a tie...

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My homepark used to be Sydney's Wonderland until it closed down and the top ride there was easily THE DEMON. Now the closest park would be one of the Gold Coasts' four - Dreamworld takes the cake as generally the most fun but the best coaster probably lies in Movie World with Superman Escape.

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my home park is actually a theme park complexes on the Gold Coast Australia. And i cant really decide which coaster is my favourite there, there is a couple

1. Tower of Terror (Dreamworld)

2. Superman Escape (Movie World)

3. Lethal Weapon (Movie World)

4. Scooby-Doo Scary Coaster (Movie World)

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