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  1. You'll just have to wait and see what alton is going to bring in 2010, alton is very good in keeping the coasters kinda mistery... But wtf is that with the noobs in their bedrooms??? really weird
  2. 1)expedition g-force 2)colossos/tonerre de zeus 3)silverstar 4)nemesis 5)rita/dessert race 6)troy 7)goliath 8)air 9)nemesis inferno/turbine 10)oblivion
  3. Thanks! I was just good to know if it was possible, but I'm not going yet till next year.
  4. Hello I have a question : Is it possible to get from orlando to the folowing parks : Paramount, SFOG, dollywood, hard rock park? And how long is it drive? And is it mor expensive to land with an airplane in orlando en for example leave the USA in myrthle beach? Thanx
  5. Yes can I still inscribe? I have some mini hypers here that I can send...
  6. The two slide on the right! These slides (kamikaze) where the first big slides that I rode in my life...
  7. Nice job I really like you restaurant! Where did you get thos clock towers and guitar?
  8. This is one of my first parks with customs scenery. I present you a park from the holiday world group! Pictures : The halfpipe coaster ( the surfrider) : [/url] B&M diving machine : griffon returns [/url] Huss topple tower : falling bird [/url] Kiddi ride : twisting nales [/url] Unicorn coaster : [/url] Again Unicorn coaster : [/url] There will be updates as soon as possible! (Sorry for my english) Comments please...
  9. Great job, I really love the alpine atmosphere!! Keep it up!
  10. This coaster looks awsome!!! And I think this woody will be one off the beter ones :
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