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  1. you know...me and my friends went on journey earlier this year at disneysea and we concluded that it was like going through a massive uterus. I know its suss, but just think about it....
  2. IM 17 WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! but my birthday isnt appearing on the happy birthday thing? great
  3. Cause they want to keep them minty fresh why are korny answers always great?
  4. a mouse with a tomahawk. will rangas really go extint?
  5. When is Tokyo Disneyland's/Sea's on and off periods? I'm going this month around the 25th of april and was wondering whether it is better to go during the week or on a weekend day? Two years ago i went and it was suprisingly NOT crowded. The longest wait was 25 minutes for thunder mountain, and i was quite happy as it was my first time to a disney park and the lines were actually short Back to the topic...some advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. Without a doubt the best musical production to ever come out of Australia. Who knew 2 transvestites and a transexual travelling from Sydney through the outback to alice springs for a cabaret show could turn into an amazing movie let alone an inspiring musical...will be on broadway one day. And when it is, beware, you may not be the same orientation you were when you entered
  7. because five year old kids own the company. why does hairspray smell so bad but makes things look so good?
  8. because americans all drink coffee and the coffee companies put chemicals in the coffee to make you not like the taste of tea...oh and they also put it in your yearly flu injections too. Why didnt we die from the LHC particle accelerater in switzerland?
  9. a supersized chihuahua. Why do people point out the obivous at the most inappropriate time?
  10. ask your watch. why do people associate musicals with gay people?
  11. definitely cyclone at dreamworld australia...........all this hype about the tallest rollercoaster in the southern hemisphere with 3g's and it was crap. Absolutely crap! The drop wasnt even beyond 50 degrees and the loop was rough as hell. And the place with the most g's was the last turn in the ride which wasnt even banked!
  12. The Wizard And I - Original Wicked Soundtrack WICKED FOR LIFE!!!
  13. the universe is a dodecahedron Why isnt this thread a sticky yet?
  14. because the sames are positively negative. Whats the difference between murder and manslaughter?
  15. Because he was raised by bears. How come every curry smells the same but tastes completely different?
  16. Wow the ride looks amazing, but the video...not so much. I would rather see the rollercoaster in action then hear so much about the backstory.
  17. I did enjoy the coaster but i only had one problem with it...my problem is with the last little loppy thingy at the end. It just didnt seem it was ment to go there. I think that a helix would have suited it much better, you have already gone upside down at least three times. Mystery mine pulled this kinda of thing off but i dont think it fits in with the rest of the original layout.
  18. Because we dont want john howard on it do we? Why did someone invent co-ordinate geometry
  19. well i guess im done....i took ur advice and everything is completely fixed. i put in some trees and 2 lights in the first tunnel V for number 1 V.nltrack
  20. i dont know why some people are making jokes about this. If it is real it is, if its a hoax its a hoax. They need to return to normal life and i think some people are being a bit racist towards then. Most of the people in the middle-east are just stuck in the middle of this pointless crap and they need positive influences and i think a theme park is probably one of the best!
  21. in the second picture there are no supports underneath it, and if it were to be real it would simply bend or snap right off
  22. no im sure you could have written at 50 page thesis on girls dont like boys but they like cars and money. Should jack and the beanstalk involve another planetary system filled with face painted people who break out in song randomly?
  23. Thanks. I'll fix those tunnel errors and break errors and then it should be ready to go
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