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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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My home park is and will always be KINGS DOMINION and it was the super launch coaster XLC HYPERSONIC until Cedar Fair bought the chain, declared that the Hypersonic didn't fit in with their park, and took it out. I felt the same way back in 1986 when the Galaxi was taken out.


So with that coaster out, the favorite coaster in King Dominion is the launch coaster Volcano. Pardon the pun, but that coaster is a real blast!!!

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Playland in Vancouver...The 50 year old woodie with insane ejector 'out of your seat' airtime. Never have I ridden any coaster with airtime like it. It's also the last coaster of its kind standing (Carl E. Phare coasters have all been scrapped but this one). I guess the best way to describe the airtime is similar to jackrabbit at Kennywood? (never ridden jackrabbit, just going from what people say)

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That's so cool youre a ride attendant! I hope to be a ride attendant someday at my local park (i'm going to start working there this year at guest services). When I work there, I probably want to work at Corkscrew or Coaster (the two major coasters there). More likely Corkscrew because I don't think I have the strength to operate Coaster's manual station brakes...

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In SFGA at Jersey, I would have to say Nitro. Kingda Ka and El Toro are too short. El Toro would come in second place though because of the steep drops on a wooden coaster. Last time I went on Kingda Ka, the vibration of the ride almost shook all of my teeth loose. It actually felt like that.

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