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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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It depends on my definition of home park. I consider any park within a two hour drive to be a home park, which would create a bit of a list. However, for the parks I most frequently (or used to frequent most often), I would say Space Mountain for Disneyland, California Screamin' for Disney's California Adventure, and Xcelerator for Knott's Berry Farm. Of course, two of those three don't have much competition within their respective park.

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Probably Prowler but I have yet to ride it, so I'd have to go with Mamba over Patriot.


My "college home park" is Six Flags over Texas and Mr. Freeze is my favorite, and will be until Texas Giant reopens. Titan never was anything too special for me...I mean look at the first drop, how can it provide zero air time in the back seat?

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Hmm I can't decide for mine (Chessington)


The 3 main coasters, Vampire, Dragon's Fury and Rattlesnake are all so incredibly awesome in there own ways.


Vampire- for it's uniqueness and surroundings, although a bit neglected at the moment

Rattlesnake- for it's outstanding theming and how much fun it is

Dragon's Fury- because of just how amazing the ride itself is


If I had to I'd choose Fury.

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If I had to I'd choose Fury.


Dragon's Fury is a great ride. I haven't ridden Vampire because it was closed for repairs or sommething like that.


My home park is Adventure Island and I have to say the best ride at the park is RAGE! I love the twists.

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My home park is Universal Studios Hollywood, and it only has one coaster, which I don't care for all that much-- Revenge of the Mummy. For the other nearby parks that I frequent, I would pick:

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Goliath

Knott's Berry Farm - Xcelerator

Disneyland - Matterhorn

Disney's California Adventure - California Screamin'

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Even though I live overseas now, I'll call SFA my home park still. Superman:RoS, easily the best coaster in the park and IMHO a top 5 steel coaster. I was getting a little jaded with it, then over the last 5 years I didn't ride it much. I was shocked how much I like it and how great it is when I only rode it occasionally. I rode it on average only a couple of times each season and it really does kick ass, much better than most other steel coasters and way under-rated. I still think it may be the 2nd or 3rd best steel coaster in North America. Go ride it!

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I consider myself very fortunate to be so close to such world-class...oh, who am I kidding?


Home park (distance): Oaks Amusement Park

Although some may hate it to the point that they actually prefer the kiddie coaster, for me it's a more obvious choice: Looping Thunder. The first drop is actually decent, there is airtime, and there's one other fun drop somewhere in the compact layout. I also think it's great that Oregon has a looping coaster (I believe the only one in its history). That said, Zooooom! is a fun Miler kiddie with entertaining ejector air.


Home park (lifetime visits): Enchanted Forest

I love Ice Mountain Bobsled! It's so charming...it even haunts my dreams. I like the theming, setting, airtime, and sensation of speed. I actually don't especially love the other credit, Big Timber Log Ride, but I must point out that overall I judge it as a flume, not a coaster.


Home park (recent visits): Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

My favorite is easily Medusa. It's very fun, thrilling and rerideable. V2's simplicity has ended up causing me to downgrade it a couple notches--although there's something appealing about simple designs. Roar is fun but by no means among the best woodies I've experienced. THBS avoids the upper echelon due to fact it is, at its core, simply a modest family coaster. The rest I'm sure you can guess why they're not contenders.


You're lucky I didn't make up excuses to make any other parks my "home park". Silverwood would be the next in line if I did.

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