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  1. Hey, it was our first visit in Dollywood. We still were able to ride 6 times that day. But its very sad that they dont get it proper working. Lightning Rod is absolutely amazing. Also Wild Eagle and Fire Chaser was down two times that days, looks to me like they got the technical staff from SF Great Adventure...
  2. i can sign that, i was standing in the second or third row in front of the entrance, waiting for the cheetah to open... (fyi: yes, they gave us free water but first as someone collapses while waiting in the sun...)
  3. Cant wait to ride it tomorrow, as we planned our vacation here in Florida i wasnt sure they gonna finish the ride timely We were there yesterday and not one photo shows how amazing cheetah hunt looks, im really excited to ride it and i still hope bgt is not getting to fully tomorrow
  4. Hey all, i am going to visit the west coast in 2 days (from May 26th to June 7th) This was our plan: 27. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 28. Californias Great America 29. trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles 30+31. Six Flags Magic Mountain 01+02. Universal Studios Hollywood 03+04. Disneylan California 05. Hollywood 06. Knott Berry Farm But now I realized that Discovery Kingdom is closed at May 27th, so we drive over night to L.A. (Im sure when I planned the tour their homepage said that they are open, but nevermind, looks like I failed ) 27. ? 28. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 29. Californias Great America 30+31. Six Flags Magic Mountain So now we got a new free day in San Francisco, does anyone has a suggestion what 2 coaster junkies can do there ? Maybe some sightseeing highlights? Thank you.
  5. The only thing that has been announced is that the train is accelerated to 100 kmh (~60 mph) in 2,5 seconds...
  6. Ok, shame on me, but that doesnt change anything, i also got to work on that saturday And i still hope the park wont be so full at tuesday
  7. I dont become free at april 3th, but well be there at april 7th
  8. Hey all, i forgot to allude one small notice, im from germany so my english isnt very good, but i try hard too write almost correct. If you don't understand anything or some phrase made no sense please let me know. first thank you for your replies jds03 i know, Six Flags St. Louis is also not so far away, but we got only 21 days and this is in my opinion the best compromise. King of Ka,niiicolaaah,BeemerBoy,downunder thats what many people told me, knoebels seems to be a realy good park, but i got qualms because we're both not really big fans of wooden coasters (ok, maybe our wooden coasters here in europe sucks ) downunder, Mr Starr, monsterfan99 thanks for that advice with the flashpass. Do we have to mind something when we get them ? Groteslurf, larrygator when we finish Six Flags New England we drive as far as we come, im not sure that we make this ~400 miles on that evening, so we take a motel on the route, next day we will visit in the morning the Niagara Falls and later that day Waldameer to reach Sandusky on Saturday evening.
  9. Hey all, im 23 years and yes, im addicted to rollercoasters Since we visited all amusement parks in europe we are about to visit to USA this year from May to June. May you got some good advices for me ? What should we await for the visits in parks, will they be very full ? thanks google earth tour tour
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