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  1. Zac Spins are complicated rides that im sure SFA is not ready to handle yet. I can see the downtime now..
  2. ^ Other than Hurrican Harbor, SFA has 4 water rides; Penguin's Blizzard River, Renegade Rapids, Shipwreck Falls, and Skull Mountain. Losing 1 water ride isn't that big of a deal if you look at it that way. What makes this a big deal is that SFA is removing a ride. SFA had PLENTY of room to expand. I don't understand why they would want to remove a ride in order to build one. Maybe they plan on connecting a path from Skull Island to Gotham or Whistlestop Park. If they do not use this as a new passageway, then I have no idea what their purpose was. My only idea for a new ride in 2012 would be a River Battle style attraction. I'm not getting my hopes up that something big or thrilling will be placed at the park. A River Battle would fit in with the Pirate theme and once you remove Skull Mountain, all that would be left will be a large empty pool that they can easily fill back up with water and build a cheap River Battle.
  3. Intimidator 305 last Tuesday! I still blacked out even though they changed the layout a bit.. haha
  4. ^lol is it that serious? There was no rant, it was my opinion. I guess I offended you? SFA does attract large crowds on SATURDAYS in the summer. They would be larger if SFA brought a new thrill into the park. As for the other 6 days of the week, the park most likely will be empty, unless its a holiday.
  5. ^SFA doesnt really compete with BGW. 1) their on completely different levels and 2) BGW and SFA are about 4 hours away from each other. The majority of SFA's guests are locals and tourists of DC. The majority of BGW's guests are tourists of Williamsburg, VA Beach area. SFA is in desperate need of a new major thrill. Something that will bring people back. So many people I know do not even think about going to SFA on a nice summer day anymore as everyone is simply bored with the park. Ive been riding those same 6 coasters all of my life, I just rather drive to Kings Dominion to get new thrills. Also, if SFA really wanted people to come, they would advertise a lot better. I see almost 6 Kings Dominion commercials a day. "Fun & Only" "Ride-On Ride Warriors" haha, but I hardly ever see SFA commercials. And when I do, its a boring commercial that I cannot even remember right this moment.
  6. ^In mid summer on Saturdays, the park gets very crowded. Mind Eraser, Joker's Jinx, Batwing, and Superman all have long lines. (Batwing always has long lines any day of the week) The only coasters that do not pick up long lines are Wild One and Roar.
  7. Intimidator 305 Kingda Ka The Hulk Volcano Afterburn (Carowinds)
  8. ^Hypersonic was a "bad taste"? I actually liked that ride even though I only rode it once before it was demolished. The brake was pretty hard but the launch and hill was worth it. Was there any reasoning behind demolishing Hypersonic?
  9. I think The Grove section of the park needs a new major thrill because when I was at the park yesterday, that section seemed so "dead". I did not ride anything over there because none of the coasters were worth waiting an hour for when Intimidator had only a 15 minute wait, if that. My Ride Count Volcano- 2 Anaconda- 1 Intimidator- 3 Flight of Fear- 1 Avalanche- 1 Crypt- 1 Dominator- 1
  10. I always hated how SFA always waits so late to announce a new attraction. (well in this case, a retheme) lol but I'm glad the park is doing something. Those slides were my favorite. I kind of knew that they would re-open them one day and I'm glad they are doing it! Don't know how its going to work with Tony Hawk (or whatever its new name is) infront of it...
  11. SFA still might get something this year. They never actually announce new additions until January or February. It most likely won't be big, but there is a chance the park will recieve something!
  12. That video is very cool! I love how creepy it looks. I can imagine a lot of teens probably broke in there on Halloween.
  13. Thats because after 4 everyday, the park had a special discount and admission was only $35.
  14. 1. HyperSonic XLC 2. Hulk 3. Volcano 4. Jokers Jinx 5. Flight of Fear 6. Superman (SFMM) 7. Backlot Stunt Coaster HyperSonic's was the best because it felt like we were on that launch pad for hours before the ride finally took off! Man I miss that ride.
  15. Everytime I visited SFA this year, they were very good on dispatch times! Good job SFA!
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