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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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Since I've got several places I consider a home park (I live within two hours drive and visit more than once per year), I'll list each one.


Disneyland: Space Mountain

Disney California Adventure Park: California Screamin' (if treating Disneyland Resort as one, this wins)

Knott's Berry Farm: Xcelerator

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Tatsu during the day, Apocalypse the Ride at night

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Home park = the Efteling.

Personal best = Hmmm hard to tell, I'm here on a head to head battle between the Python and Joris en de Draak (Eng: George and the Dragon). If the Python still had those hellish cars from Kumback it would be Joris en de Draak no doubt. But whit the new trains from Vekoma (the MK-1212) the ride is very enjoyable. I think I go for the Python.

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Oh thats easy. My Home Park: Movie Park Germany


And the best Coaster in this Park is Van Helsing´s Factory, because it has a really nice theme and a great but a bit too short Layout. Thumbs up for this ride But I´m looking forward to 2014...for the big COASTER WONDER

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I don't have to consider to know what the best one is. My home park is Walibi Belgium and my favorite one will return next year after a few years breakdown. The Schwarzkopf Shuttle...or like the park said 'The Legend Returns', so will my favorite return but this time it will be complete indoor...Can't wait to ride it again!



I can't say a name for him, the name is not known yet...but he's name was formerly 'Turbine'....and from '82 till 2000 'Sirocco. It has always been an industrial name, I hope this will change now.

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My home park is Efteling, the best coaster is George and the Dragon, the dueling GCI. The theming is not the best in the park but the ride is lots of fun!

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It was the Iron Wolf, but now it's a tie between American Eagle and Demon!


I just Know my new home park's best ride will be Sidewinder.


And My Original Home Park has 4: Aftershock, Timber Terror, Tremors, and the Original Corkscrew!

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Cant Decide Between Arkham Asylum or Superman Escape at Movie World.


Considering Arkham is an SLC and Superman is an Intamin Accelerator, I'd go with the latter.


If I were to call my home park the closest park to me, then my home park is Aussie World and the best (and only) coaster there is the fairly decent wooden wild mouse.

However, I consider Movieworld to be my home park, and my favourite coaster there is Superman Escape.

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My home park is Cedar Point and I think Maverick is the best ride. For me it has everything!! Inversions, speed, and the perfect combination of positive and negative G's. Out of the 86 coasters I've ridden it's by far my favorite roller coaster.

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