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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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Homepark is PKI. Fave coaster is undoubtably VorteX. Fave flat there is...thats a tougher one. I could go for the classic monster or shake, rattle and roll. Then again, Drop Zone is nice, and although I despise its' soul for occupiing what used to be King Cobra (the best coaster in the park), Delerium is a nice ride aswell...

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SFGADV - Chiller. It has speed, inversions, height, reverse, and on occasions the trains seem to cross each others paths in the inversions. Just hope Batman side is open next yr I prefer that one over Robin. The layouts combined have a lot of other coasters elements incorporated so it makes for a great ride. Be really nice if they will allow the ride to race again it looked amazing when they did.

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Disneyland and DCA are technically the closest to me, but I never really go there that often so I usually call Knott's my home park. My favorite there used to be Ghostrider, but in its condition these days it's pretty much a tie between Silver Bullet and Xcelerator.

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My local home park is Lagoon. Yaaaay


Anyway, the best ride there is the Schwarzkopf double looping (with additional trackway curve)


RCDB.com had it with that additional trackway curve, not extra sure what is additional, oh well.


This ride is still a great ride for me, I've been to CP and even SFMM yet I still love this ride! Sure it's short but it packs a punch that only a Schwarzkopf could do.

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Oh GEEZ, this was SO tough


ok first of all my home park is Cliff's, and o choose between the Rattler, and the Galaxi was SO vey difficlut



ok, I'm lying


The New Mexico Rattler is the best Coaster at Cliff's, and easily the best coaster in the state

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