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  1. It is actually, it has two 70mph launches so, 70mph x 2 launches = 140mph. So Volcano is the second fastest coaster on the planet?
  2. I'd mix and match BGT and Gadv. The coasters would kick ass with the lineup being Kingda Ka, El Toro, Nitro, Cheetah Hunt, Montu, Sheikra, Bizarro and Green Lantern as top rides, with S:UF, Scorpion, Gwazi, Twister and Houdini as a kick ass supporting cast. The animals would also mix well, as both parks have tons of animals and have animals the other doesn't, like Gadv with dolphins and Sea Lions, and BGT with just about everything else . Mix that in with Gadv's large number of kids rides in BGT's Jungala and you have the best kids area in the world by a mile.
  3. I305 because its the only ride I've ever been on that didn't seem like it would get boring after a long marathon
  4. Dear wise, knowledgeable and amazing custom title fairy, may I please have a custom title that pretty much lets people know I'm obsessed with Gadv?
  5. Yeah, they completely gutted the sim theater queue, preshow, ride area, etc. for it, but when it got axed, the park started using it for storage and as a maintenance shop for GL during part of the offseason
  6. Wow, Great PTR! The Zipline option sounds really cool, and I love the fact that they have a lot of different options. Looks like a pretty unique thing.
  7. Yeah, the Tatsu-like Flyer would have been awesome, and it would have had a Manta-like splashdown onto the lake next to the fort and El Toro. They instead had to go with S:UF . I wonder if they would have still built El Toro(under a different name and such) somewhere else as the flyer was supposed to be on El Toro's current site. Another planned but cancelled project was a plan to make Gadv the best park in the world that started under Premeir Parks in 2005. Every year, the park would have rethemed another section up to the caliber of the Golden Kingdom and added at-least one major attraction to the area when they did it! In 2007, the park would have also built a Fort Wilderness-esque hotel next to Kingda Ka. It was quite literally the first thing Shapiro cut when he got into office, and most of the "icing" from Plaza Del Carnival was cut as well. Kingda Ka and El Toro were only the beginning. But had the plan been done, SF probably wouldn't exist anymore.
  8. wow! Just reading this PTR just brings back so many memories of these parks as a kid! Great PTR!
  9. www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_great_adventure.htm I don't like this rumor one bit
  10. Shouldn't be too bad. thanks, hopefully it won't, because of the apparently terrible operations at SFA, lol
  11. Hey guys, sorry to break the current conversation, but what kind of lines could I expect on a late-june friday? I'm going to SFA for the first time on the 24th and I'm not sure what I should expect. Thanks!
  12. thanks looks like I'll need to do a little work before my trip to SFA
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