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  1. I heard the buyer wants to make it into more of a traditional amusement park, meaning they may cut the entrance fee and just charge per ride... and have wristbands or something. i think this will draw a lot more people because the entrance fee used to be so outrageously expensive!
  2. I black out almost every time on Millennium Force. it gets kind of annoying =P
  3. Hmmm.. my favorite first drop would be on Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood. It just feels like your freefalling for a realllly long time and will never end! Probably because you are going down a slope of a mountain.. Plus is plummets through the trees which makes it even better =P
  4. mehh.. i'm not a huge fan of it. it was alright i guess to each their own.
  5. My home park is Cedar Point, and my favorite ride there is definitely Magnum. It's just so much more intense and unique than the other rides, reminds me of a good wooden coaster ^.^
  6. well to name a few: Boulder Dash-Lake Compounce El Toro-SFGA Wicked-Lagoon Cyclone-Coney Island Expedition GeForce-Holiday Park and any intamin ball coaster/zac spin looks really fun!
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