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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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This is one quote that I HATE hearing the GP say.

GP,"Look at all of the loopdy loops that ride has." First of all GP they are INVERSIONS not loopdy loops. Second each inversion has a different name!

Because names of inversions are common knowledge....

I'd also like to point out, that the word "inversion" in common usage among coaster enthusiasts, it's not really often used. The only time I ever hear "invert" used is in math classes. Before I got into coasters, everything was either a loop, a corkscrew, or just upside down. I feel like this topic has kind of lost it, none of this is even "wierd".


I don't know about you guys, but don't you feel kind of a loser laughing that these people don't know as much about roller coasters as me.


I find it weird when people claim that they got stuck upside down on a coaster(s). Yes, believe it or not I've found many people claim that they've gotten stuck upside down on multiple roller coasters. Now, it's one thing to lie to make a good story, but when even GP begin to doubt this, that's just odd. One particular claim that they got stuck upside down in the 2nd inversion, which isn't really possible since it's on a decline.

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I worked back at SFoT in the mid 1990's, I always enjoyed parents trying to get their little kids (little meaning under 48 inches tall) on Shockwave and Texas Giant, then getting all bent out of shape at the ride ops and managment because they were under height.


The worst is when they get pissed and start saying "But they've already ridden it X amount of times today!" Which they're lying about 99% of the time.



Carlos Mencia is an idiot. He had a joke once where he said he went to Magic Mountain and rode "The Riddler" which is a SUSPENDED coaster where "your feet dangle".


Now we know even celebrities can be GP.


Every time I see that special on Comedy Central I change the channel because of that...


Speaking of people taking shoes off, we had to tell a few people per day that they had to keep their shoes on while riding a wooden coaster... "What if they fall off???" Oy... What if the ride gets stuck on the lift and you have to walk back down? Have fun getting all those splinters out of your feet....

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^I did the math...and how old was this kid in number 3? 2 years old? I'm sure his parents took him to some ghetto park and called it DW.


Yeah, but I'm still not sure how the Lion King roller coaster got into it. Then again, that kid always told stories that weren't true at all.

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I was at SFMM today and waited 3 hours for X2 (dang 1 train operation crap)... but I heard to things that sparked my interest during that wait.


the first dealt with X2 and Viper and the person said, "If you look over there (points to viper) you can see when it was x, this is x2 (points to x2)


the second was less laughable and much more interesting...The GP was talking with her friends and said that the ride spins in the second loop so that it travels it sideways. I kept trying to figure this out but couldn't hmmm...

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This isnt dumb on my friend's part, she'll just be in for a great surprise:

Somehow sfmm got into our conversation, and she said how she gets 4 free flash passes everytime she goes cause her dad has the pass with the free parking, I tried to explain to her that they just got a new system and they wouldn't give you the free flash passes anymore, but she thought I didn't have my facts straight. I'm betting her next trip will have one huge 40 dollar surprise!

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If there is one thing that pisses me off its when people talk about accident's that never happened or aren't even possible...


I constantly get these kinds of things from my friends.

One of my friends was telling our group of friends while in line for Space Mountain that one lady stood up in the middle of the ride because her lap bar was loose, and that her head got chopped off.

The same friend tried to convince me that the cars on S:TE once flew off the track, so they don't let it go up all the way anymore.


I don't even try and argue that it's not possible, as they always argue that I am wrong. Besides, it's somewhat entertaining to hear these stories.


What I want to know is why when these rumors are created, it always has to include a person's limb being lost.

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1. "Kingda Ka is the new wooden one they recently installed".


2. When online for Batman the Ride, I heard these two dudes trying to scare younger kids by telling them a person died on the ride 5 years ago and they buried them under the cop car in the queue.


3. Hypersonic XLC was the tallest and fastest coaster ever built until the Chiller.


The list goes on..... Lol, I just try to ignore these people now, because I can so fustrated when I hear these mad up facts.

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^Those are some of the few things said on the last few pages which truly belong in this thread. No mis-use of coaster terminology, no slightly inaccurate facts, just pure GP bullshit.



To contribute to this topic, when the subject of theme parks come up, people here in Colorado are always quick to start saying how the Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside is unsafe because how many people have died on it (people decapitated by the low clearances, cars fallen off the track into the lake, etc). While there is no question about just how unsafe the ride is, the idea that people make it sound more deadly than the Final Destination coaster is just ridiculous.

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This is the stupidest thing I have heard the GP say.

I was in line for Goldrusher at SFMM when these people behind me were scared to death. They said " This is so scary, it goes upside down 14 times". Then one of them said "I want to ride the green one ( referring to Riddlers ) it is the Joker the Ride. The Joker is the best character ever. I want to ride his ride". I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the day.

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I absolutely hate it when the GP say something about a coaster and absolutely persist they are right. Whenever someone says something thats totally wrong at school about a coaster i just put my head down and say mhmmm. Cause its not like i know anything about rollercoasters..


For example a few weeks ago one of my friends was telling me about his holiday to Queensland and he said :


"I love the part on Superman Escape how it flips you upsidedown"


He rufused to believe Superman doesnt go upside.. Surely even a person that has no idea about coasters would know what being upsidedown is..


Ive had an argument with someone also about how coasters 'arent run by gravity'. He thought coasters had motors in the cars.


GP. "Well how do you think the coaster makes it up the hill if it doesnt have a motor?"


Me. "Yeah! I have no idea! I guess there are motors in the cars" *walks away saying nasty things to self*

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^It annoys me also when they argue, especially when it'sa friend and they know I am really quite into coasters.


My dad tried to convince me not so long ago that Viper at SFMM went upside down about 15 times. The sad thing was that he remembered all of the actual inversions as he counted through them (10 years after we visited), and just thought there were more on top of those. I don't think he's stupid for thinking it, as its just a blurred memory, its just annoying that he didnt believe me.



Not so coaster related, but in the queue for Saw yesterday:


Girl 1: You know like, the Olympics are going to be in London in 2012?

Girl 2: Yeah.

Girl 1: Can you go and watch them?

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While showing a friend the model of Space Mountain at Disneyland, some random guy walked up and gave us some additional "facts":


"Did you guys know that this model isn't accurate? When it was first built, the chain part was on the outside of the building! It was clocked at over 102 mph! I know because I rode it. My friend was on the construction crew. I got to ride it back then. Good thing that they slowed it down, huh?"


Being dumbfounded, I just let it go.

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I get this a lot, but this is actually a lot of enthusiasts, not the GP. =/


When someone who tries to show remote interest in a coaster and they happen to mispronounce a name of an inversion or whatnot, they get jumped on! Yesterday I heard a conversation like this:


"So yeah.. Silver Bullet loops 6 times!" "It doesnt LOOP, you idiot."

"Well you know what I mean..." "NO! Don't you know ANYTHING about roller cosaters?! It's called an INVERSION, idiot"




As long as someone can understand what the other is talking about, I don't think it should really matter, you know...? (If they are not an enthusiast, you know)

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Some time ago some of my schoolmates were discussing rollercoasters, and they asked me which was the best coaster in the world.

So, I told them that the current best woody is T-Express, and the best Steel is S:ROS. But than this guy, who thinks is SO awesome says:

"As if, everyone knows Blue Tornado is the best coaster ever!"

And I was like w/e and just turned away.


There are just so many things that bother me about this:

1. All my classmates know I'm into rollercoasters.

2. That guy has only been to 2 parks, namely Mirbilandia and Gardaland. This means he's ridden Katun. Does anyone else see something worng with this picture?

3. Blue Tornado is a freaking SLC deathmachine!

4. He only claimed that, so he would het respect from my other classmates, for being on the best coaster in the world. I absolutely hate how many times I have to explain to them, that Blue Tornado is not the fastest, tallest or scariest coaster in the world, and that it doesn't go upside down 23 times, and that it runs on gravity.



Also, once my other classmate claimed that he didn't ride Sequoia Adventure, becouse it had to make an E-stop and that the riders were stranded upside down for 1 hour...

In other words, he chickened out, and wouldn't admit it.

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Well this was a while back, (how I remembered it?, I saw a post on a similar topic on another board)


I was in line on Flying Eagles in 2007 I believe , and I get into a conversation that kind of went like this.

GP1:I can't wait to ride Volcano agian

GP2:yeah it goes like 250miles

Me: umm, no 75mph

GP1: How the heck do you know

GP2: Yeah, it says it on the picture

Me: Probably kilometers

GP1: Well this is America, we don't use them

Me: Yeah, but some people out of state do

GP2: Well they only let Americans in the park anyways.

Me: Laughs, and gets on board my eagle.


Yeah, I wonder what those kids are thinking now

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