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  1. Nice park! I dont really like the supports on the Arrow but most of your layouts are intresting and look fun. The stations are good too. Good work.
  2. Psyclone (SFMM) Bush Beast (Wonderland Sydney) Beastie (Wonderland Sydney) Eum. Well theres the Demon from Wonderland Sydney, but that was relocated to Visionland..
  3. I missed a fair few when I went to California in 05. I was only young.. But I missed : Dejavu X(2) Riddlers revenge Revolution Kiddie coaster in Disneyland.. Hahah
  4. Haha that was fun! .. for about 20 seconds. Was pretty funny to watch on 'Fly by' mode.
  5. Well this is my desktop! Like to keep things simple. Haha. Its the Ranger at Lunapark Sydney. Taken and edited slightly by me
  6. While at Lunapark yesterday, we were talking about Wonderland Sydney (defunct themepark in sydney). And one of my friends said: "It closed because the rides were made of wood and were old and unsafe and stuff" I guess she was referring to the wooden coaster there. I found it hilarious and just agreed..
  7. Well this isnt an ad with 'coasters in it'. Its an ad advertising the coaster itself. I love it!
  8. Well this isnt a rumor but I found this the most appropriate thread to ask this in.. Does anyone know what happend to Space Probe 7? Space probe was an Intamin frop tower that use to live at Wonderland sydney. Its been 5 years since Wonderland closed and im just curious.. Youd think if it was sold to a park they would have out it up by now? mmndh.bmp
  9. Rage at Adventure Island! I think the pink goes really well with the yellow.
  10. Hey everyone. Today I went to Lunapark with 2 friends. Had alot of fun and decided to post the pics on here so you can be jealous of my awesome homepark.. *wink, wink* Its pretty much the only themepark within 12 hours of me so it just has to do! They have some.. okay rides here and a Wild Mouse. The ques for the Wild mouse is usually ridiculously long (for a wild mouse..). I think its because all Sydney-siders are all "ZOMG! ITS A COASTER" Anyway.. In the holidays they bring in a temporary ride or two and these school holidays it was a Zamperla Power Surge and a Hurricane ride. Power Surge broke down just as it was over and we were stranded in the air for about 10 minutes and then it slowly started to lower. Very slowly. It usually takes about 20-30 seconds for it to get back to the ground when its in the position we were stuck in and it took about 3 minutes today. Still, fun ride. Went on the Hurricane, was pretty sickening. We all had to sit down for a few minutes after that one. Then rode the Ranger a few times. Ranger is a HUSS Inverted Pirate ship. Im more of a Kamikaze fan. After the second ride my friend threw up the red slerpee we all just had. Haha. Was quite funny seeing her get off and run to the bin. Heres the pictures, oh and sorry about using an external site. I know its preferred to use the TPR uploader but ive already uploaded them to photobucket as ive posted another TR on another site so I decided itd be quicker.. Thanks for looking! On the ferry, heading towards lunapark. Entrance and Ferris wheel. Looking down the Midway. Wild mouse. On the other side is water.. So you get a great view. Huss UFO. It spins really fast and you stick to the wall. It then lifts up to the vertical position. No seatbelts, nothing. This ride wasnt open today.. Yay. Power surge. Hurricane. Ranger. Ranger again. Ferris wheel again. Us with some characters walking around the park. And thats all. Hope you all liked it! Nothing really spectacular here but still an alright place to go to for the day and have some fun. Thanks for reading
  11. Im yet to loose my GCI virginity too! Next year I get some Terminator Salvation action though. Looks like a great ride to loose it on
  12. Looks like a fun little park.. Haha. The windstorm coaster looks fun.
  13. Thanks. It was one of my first custom supported coasters and I thought it turned out alright. Looking at pictures is helpful.
  14. Well here I present you all with Revenge of The Mummy. It is a B&M invert which turned out rather nice I think. Theres not really much I can really say about it, so give it a go and tell me what you think! Any feedback is really appreciated. Enjoy. Revenge of The Mummy.nltrack
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