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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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Yup, every Tuesday morning the crews are out there replacing the boring, non-upside down track with kickass upside down tracks!!

Then on Wednesday it's back to boring old plain Silver Bullet... til next Tuesday!


I'm not witty enough to come up with something stupid to say back to most stupid comments.

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well... you hear so much idiotic questions and remarks, sometimes you really cant help it.


"You see that pink ride over there?!?! U see it shoot people up and over that hill... I wonder if it goes upside down?"


im thinking---> "its corral damnit, corral.. not pink"


"Why did they have to make it wood, they poor?" <-lol

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This was said on a Thorpe Park fan site:


Random person - Last May when Stealth got stuck at the top...that train was up there for like 3 hours.


How heavy is an entire Stealth train? Because I heard that it's about 10 tonnes. And for 10 tonnes to be stuck up 205ft high for 3 hours is scary for some people. I mean, imagine if that train fell off the side of the track for some reason...all that weight come crashing down.


Mod - How exactly would it do that...


Random Person - Well I dunno. Anything's possible these days. What if it caught fire on the launch, stopped up the top, and the fire continued on the train?


A few more ridiculous thing were said after that. I actually LOL'd!

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Well im not gunna dispute the fact or argue the intelligence of anybody, But Ive read some pretty idiotic statements and unfounded facts on some pretty renown websites. For instance this supposed "expert" claims that GhostRider!'s theoritical capacity is 2000 PPH, and with 2 trains can hit 1500. elohel. Stupid stuff like that.


And in regards to the stealth statement... lol. "That ride is hot! hot! hot!!!"

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I was looking at a terminator salvation the ride animation to see where the line might be placed, but I immediately came here when I saw the comment, it's not the worst, but pretty dumb:


"Just a copy of El Toro" I'm 99% sure he meant American El Toro since most of the GP who speak english have no clue about the GCI one. And I'm also 99% sure he said that because......it's made out of wood

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If parks built rides people didn't like, they would go out of business. Different strokes for different folks.


Except Windjammer at Knotts. Everybody hated that thing




Hold special soft spot for being my first looping coaster. Anyway, a few weeks ago at DCA I heard someone say California Screamin was a copy of Rock N Roller Coaster, but outdoors.

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Maybe it isnt stupid, because I can see where they are comming from....but...


I was online for The Dark Knight at Great Adventure and the group infront of us said that this line isnt worth the wait because it is just like Skull Mountain.


First off, two different coasters....but that is beside the point, Skull Mountain is 10x better then The Dark Knight.


I was going to tell them, but they probably would think I'm crazy and by them leaving, made the line shorter for me!

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Ok this happened last week at work I overheard 2 of my co-workers talking.


Girl 1: "Theres this one coaster at Six Flags Geauga Lake over in Ohio that you are under the track and fly like a bird its like one big loop the whole way through"


Girl 2" "I have heard of that isn't it called Dominator"


Girl 1: "Yeah I think so"


Girl 1: "I am going there this weekend"


Me: "Snickers"


Girl 1: "Whats so Funny"


Me: "Oh nothing just have fun this weekend"

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As heard on the bus this morning...

"Hey, did you hear they're (Kennywood) bringing the Bayern Kurve back?"

"Cool! Which one was that again?"

"I think it's the one with the tarp that comes over."


There are not many GP I can think of that would mess up the Bayern Kurve and the Caterpillar, especially in the Kennywood/Idlewild area where most everyone complained about removing the Kurve (after 2004 so they are definitely old enough to remember it) and the Caterpillar is nearby at Idlewild (Kennywood hasn't had one since the end of 1982!).

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Lol, thats just like at my local park Canobie Lake(which opens tomorrow)


GP1-Did you hear they took out the Matterhorn

GP2-No, what one is that?

GP1-Its the one with the cloth that goes over and looks like a Caterpillar


Me (thinking) Your right next to the real Caterpillar ride and you don't see it? WTF?

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I was line for Behemoth at CW today and overheard the following little gem about the MCBR.


Guy 1: What's that big long thing for?

Guy 2: It slows the train down, I guess.

Guy 1: Why would they want that?

Guy 2: Its so the train doesn't break off the track and fall into the lake.

Guy 1: Oh...makes sense.

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At DCA a few weeks ago...


Friend 1 - "How tall is Maliboomer do you think?"

Friend 2 - "Uhh, it's 1000 feet tall."

Friend 1 - "Are you serious?"

Friend 2 - "Ummm, yeah. Don't you see the numbers on the side of the tower?"


To this day I still don't know if my friend was being serious. I don't want to. Hahaha.

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everytime i text my friend the first thing he responds with is Hiya. So I told him that it reminds me of Ninja at SFMM. He then responded "Who is Ninja?" I thought it was interesting. Maybe I am expecting a little too much but wouldn't you ask what is Ninja more than who is Ninja.

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I heard this one in line for California Screamin'

GP1: It's just like the Gemini

GP2: It's not even the Gemini

In their defense however, they were trying to get one of the people in their group to ride, so it's not that bad at all really, I just thought it was funny how they didn't know what they were getting into

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In line for X2 yesterday there were some people and...

Person #1: Yeah I used to be scared of Revolution when I was a kid, my dad would make me go on it and I'd be like "Dad I can't do it, it has a loop!".

Person #2 (girlfriend of course): LOLOLOLOL

Person #3: Which one is Revolution?

Person #1: Oh you know, the white one with a wooden loop.


Another one that I wouldn't say is too bad since maybe, maybe, maybe if you turn your head and then lay down and then maybe, maybe, maybe just a little bit, it looks like a wooden loop...?


But even Son of Beast didn't really have a wooden loop, so whatever, I guess I know why this belongs here now.

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