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TPR 2018 Coaster Poll Results!

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Mine ended up looking like this:


Steel Top 20:

1. Expedition GeForce

2. Intimidator 305

3. Iron Rattler

3. Wicked Cyclone

4. Steel Vengeance

4. Maverick

5. Superman SFNE

6. Twisted Timbers

6. Skyrush

7. Storm Chaser

8. Storm Runner

9. Kumba

10. Fury 325

11. New Texas Giant

12. Millennium Force

13. Twisted Cyclone

14. Raptor

15. Twisted Colossus

16. Talon

17. Incredible Hulk

18. Banshee

19. Superman SFA

19. Ride of Steel

20. Joker SFDK


Wood Top 10:

1. El Toro

1. Lightning Rod

2. Outlaw Run

3. Goliath Great America

4. Thunderhead

4. Renegade Valleyfair

5. Boardwalk Bullet

6. Boulder Dash

7. Comet Great Escape

8. Mystic Timbers

9. Screamin Eagle

10. Raven


A lot of my lower top 10 and beyond wood coasters I hadn't ridden in quite some time, so I went to a group ranking beyond there.

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My Top 10

1. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

2. Lightning Rod - Dollywood

3. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point

4. Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom

5. Voyage - Holiday World

6. X2 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

7. Goliath - Six Flags Great America

8. Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain

9. Nemesis - Alton Towers

10. Millennium Force - Cedar Point


Bottom 10 (worst to best)

1. Green Lantern: First Flight - Six Flags Magic Mountain

2. Vortex - Kings Island

3. T3 - Kentucky Kingdom

4. Boomerang - Six Flags St. Louis

5. Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach

6. Wild Thing - Wild Waves Theme Park

7. Corkscrew - Cedar Point

8. Goofy's Sky School - Disney California Adventure

9. Ninja - Six Flags St. Louis

10. Invertigo - Kings Island

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I'd like to post my rankings here, but I can't access them on the coaster poll website. I even navigated to my user profile and clicked "view entire rankings." Is this a known problem?


Go to account settings. There's an option at the bottom to make the rankings public. If you check that, you'll be able to access your own.

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Now taking requests!


What "top 10" lists do you want to see? I'm talking best B&Ms, best coasters themed to animals, best coasters in a specific region, etc...


I’d be interested in seeing how everything was ranked top to bottom within all the major parks. Or if that’s too much trouble if the entire list is released I could figure it out for myself.



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OK, I'll share my top 25 and bottom 10, too.


Top 25

1. New Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas)

2. Balder (Liseberg)

3. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

4. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

5. Maverick (Cedar Point)

6. Twisted Timbers (Kings Dominion)

7. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)

8. Wildfire (Kolmarden)

9. Goliath (Walibi Holland)

10. Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)

11. Phoenix (Knoebels)

12. Kawasemi (Tobu Zoo)

13. Piraten (Djurs Sommerland)

14. Fly Over Mediterranean (Happy Valley Cheudu)

15. Mega-Lite (Happy Valley Shanghai)

16. Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa)

17. Lightning Run (Kentucky Kingdom)

18. Karnan (Hansa Park)

19. Skyrush (Hersheypark)

20. Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

21. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)

22. Olympia Looping (Traveling)

23. Goliath (Six Flags Great America)

24. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

25. Nemesis (Alton Towers)


Bottom 10 (#1 is the worst)

10. Loopen (Tusenfryd)

9. Thunderbolt (Luna Park)

8. Eejanaika (Fuji Q)

7. Goudurix (Parc Asterix)

6. Cyclops (Mt. Olympus)

5. Zeus (My. Olympus)*

4. Zamperla Volare (Various Parks)

3. Anaconda (Walygator Parc)

2. Bandit (Movie Park Germany)

1. Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Paris Disneyland)**


*I haven't ridden the version with the inversions.

**I haven't ridden this since 2008, but the memory is very evil (Disney had no business building a major coaster that's this bad).

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My top 25:


Although, as I look at it now, there's already changes I would make. That's just how this goes.


I have to say I'm super impressed in how the results turned out. I think this method / algorithm works well.


Steel Vengeance RMC

Intimidator 305 Intamin

Twisted Colossus RMC

Skyrush Intamin

El Toro Intamin

Maverick Intamin

Twisted Timbers RMC

New Texas Giant RMC

Mako B&M

Voyage GG

Leviathan B&M

Mystic Timbers GCI

Millennium Force Intamin

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

Ravine Flyer II GG

Diamondback B&M

Superman the Ride Intamin

GhostRider CCI

Montu B&M

Tatsu B&M

Kumba B&M

Storm Runner

Manta B&M

Raptor B&M

Phantom's Revenge Morgan

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The one that continues to surprise me is Soaring with Dragon. If I remember correctly, it would have ranked highly last year too if it had enough ridership. It just doesn't *look* like it has the makings of a top 10 steel coaster, but something about it must really work. I'd be very curious to hear more from someone on here who has ridden it.


Here's mine:


1. Skyrush (Hersheypark)

2. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)

3. Voyage (Holiday World

4. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

5. Maverick (Cedar Point)

6. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

7. Medusa Steel Coaster (Six Flags Mexico)

8. Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)

9. Fury 325 (Carowinds)

10. Superman The Ride (Six Flags New England)

11. Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion

12. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

13. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)

14. Raptor (Cedar Point)

15. Wicked Cyclone (Six Flags New England)

16. Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City)

17. Twisted Timbers (Kings Dominion)

18. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)

19. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)

20. Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer Park)

21. Taron (Phantasialand)

22. Afterburn (Carowinds)

23. Legend (Holiday World)

24. Twister (Knoebels)

25. Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa Park)

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Bottom 10 (#1 is the worst)

1. Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Paris Disneyland)**


*I haven't ridden the version with the inversions.

**I haven't ridden this since 2008, but the memory is very evil (Disney had no business building a major coaster that's this bad).


Thankfully Disney fixed this with the new trains and it's really good now, but I have no doubt it would have been a disaster with the old OSTRs.

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Thanks for all the work put into this! It's interesting to see the results, can't wait for more! It'll also be interesting to see where some of these rank next year too. Really appreciate it guys!

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The only other thing that was weird to me was the placement of the Great America Grizzly. I'll never understand the utter hatred of this ride. It's forceless and uninteresting but it's smooth and not really offensive. People would really rather ride things like Predator, Hades 360, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Wilde Beast and the countless other terrible wood coasters around the world (and a bunch of borderline kiddy coasters like Zach's Zoomer) than Grizzly? Really?

My feelings exactly... EXACTLY! I think there was a time some more dorky coaster enthusiasts (read: ACE Members) thought it was super cool or "funny" to rank Grizzly the worst in the world (I am probably guilty of doing this too at one point decades ago), but over the years I've just come to realize that it's not funny... it's actually very stupid... for all the reasons you said.


My gut feeling is that some people are voting based on "tradition" not actual real opinions or experience. Because, damn...I most certainly have been on a LOT more worse coasters than Grizzly!

Edited by robbalvey
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I'd like to post my rankings here, but I can't access them on the coaster poll website. I even navigated to my user profile and clicked "view entire rankings." Is this a known problem?


Go to account settings. There's an option at the bottom to make the rankings public. If you check that, you'll be able to access your own.



Here's my list, short enough that I can fit the whole thing here


1. Phoenix (Knoebels) PTC - My expectations were blown away by the pure bliss of this ride's air

1. El Toro (SFGAdv) Intamin

3. Skyrush (Hersheypark) Intamin - The painful restraints are made up for by the insanely intense layout and unbelievable ejector

4. Goliath (SFGAm) RMC

5. Twister (Knoebels) In-house - Front row night ride is awesome!

6. Storm Runner (Hersheypark) Intamin

7. Nitro (SFGAdv) B&M

8. Superman - Ride of Steel (SFA) Intamin - Ride in the front seat for great sensation of speed and very good air

9. Kingda Ka (SFGAdv) Intamin

10. Wild One (SFA) PTC - I have a soft spot for this one, very good air considering it's >100 years old

11. Fahrenheit (Hersheypark) Intamin

12. Batman The Ride (SFGAdv) B&M - This felt like it hauled a bit more than Great America's, but both are awesome

13. Batman The Ride (SFGAm) B&M

13. Viper (SFGAm) In-house

15. Batwing (SFA) Vekoma - This is a bit polarizing, but I've always been on the side that really liked Batwing for its fun layout and intensity

16. Joker's Jinx (SFA) Premier

16. X-Flight (SFGAm) B&M

18. Bizarro (SFGAdv) B&M

19. Flying Turns (Knoebles) In-house - Thoroughly enjoyed this despite its length

20. Great Bear (Hersheypark) B&M

20. Lightning Racer (Hersheypark) GCI

20. Raging Bull (SFGAm) B&M - I really wanted to love this ride, but even in the back I got little air, and the trims suck. The twister at the end was fun though, if a bit awkward

23. Superman - Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv) B&M - Pretzel Loop felt a bit more intense on this one, so it gets the edge

24. Superman - Ultimate Flight (SFGAm) B&M

25. Green Lantern (SFGAm) B&M - Okay let me explain. I totally see why people loathe this ride. It's painful, uncomfortable, and quite rough, and my calves felt like they were being pulled into the depths of hell. But holy crap is that layout great. It contains a lot of variety, and is IMO the most intense ride at the park (sorry Batman). So while I completely get the hate, I thought Green Lantern was a lot of fun. Sue me.

26. Impulse Zierer (Knoebels) Zierer

27. Vertical Velocity (SFGAm) Intamin

28. Demon Arrow (SFGAm) Arrow - Special shoutout to whoever told me to sit in the back!

29. Sidewinder (Hersheypark) Vekoma

30. Joker (SFGAm) S&S - This Joker one beats out Great Adventure's because I got more flips, though in retrospect these both should be quite a bit lower

31. Joker (SFGAdv) S&S

32. Roar (SFA) GCI

33. American Eagle (SFGAm) Intamin

34. Wildcat (Hersheypark) GCI - I think this ride is over-hated. It's nothing special, but at least from my front row rides, it's nothing awful. I was even able to get some weird pseudo-air on some of the transitions

35. Comet (Hersheypark) PTC - Another one I really wanted to like more. I sat near the back and had plenty of room, but I don't know if it was my seat, my posture, or if I just caught it on a bad day, but I got pretty much no air, and there wasn't much speed either. I hope to come back someday and give it another chance

36. Sooperdooperlooper (Hersheypark) Schwarzkopf

37. Skull Mountain (SFGAdv) Intamin - Probably should've put this above Sooper Dooper Looper

38. Black Diamond (Knoebels) PTC

38. Runaway Mine Train Arrow (SFGAdv) Arrow

40. Mind Eraser (SFA) Vekoma - I fulley expected this to be complete trash, and everyone here seems to hate it even more than Lantern but I actually (dare I say) enjoyed the one ride I got. Yes it was rough, and there was headbanging, but it has a good layout with decent forces, and the padding on the restraints made the headbanging not hurt as much as it might have. My biggest complaint is actually shoulder-banging: the restraints have these weird things near your shoulders that my shoulders kept hitting, which did give me a decent amount of pain.

41. Whizzer (SFGAm) Schwarzkopf - I feel kinda awful for putting this below Mind Eraser, but on my one ride, I spent half of it trying to figure out proper bracing so that my body wouldn't slam side to side on every turn. Once I got that down, it was fun, but not memorable. I definitely want to give this one another try, because I don't think it deserves this placement.

42. Dark Knight (SFGAdv) Mack - I actually enjoy all 3 of these mice at the bottom of this list quite a bit, its just that I liked most of the other coasters I rode more

42. Dark Knight (SFGAm) Mack

44. Ragin' Cajun (SFA) Zamperla - Not sure why I placed this here, when it spins a lot, I like this thing quite a bit more than Mind Eraser.

45. Apocalypse (SFA) B&M - Probably the only coaster on the list I actually don't really like that much. It's not really bad, but it's pretty boring. I hope Firebird can improve it!

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Since everyone is showing off their list, I'm going to show off mine (it has slightly changed since voting).



1- Steel Vengeance

2- Fury 325

3- Lightning Rod

4- Twisted Colossus

5- Maverick

6- Storm Chaser

7- The Voyage

8- Skyrush

9- Twisted Cyclone

10- Goliath (SFOG)

11- Lightning Run

12- Phoenix

13- Full Throttle (I can already see a lot of shocked faces)

14- Millennium Force

15- Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)

16- GhostRider

17- Xcelerator

18- Top Thrill Dragster

19- Kumba

20- Montu

21- Afterburn

22- X2

23- Storm Runner

24- Mystic Timbers

25- Intimidator



171- Dahlonega Mine Train

172- Trailblazer (Hersheypark)

173- T3

174- Corkscrew (Cedar Point)

175- Runaway Mine Train (SFOT)

176- Vortex (Carowinds)

177- Coast Rider

178- La Vibora

179- Big Apple Coaster

180- Green Lantern: First Flight

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Damn. Has Hades 360 really gotten that rough? I've never ridden but I would infer that its insanely low ranking in recent years would stem from that, as on paper its probably a good coaster. But perhaps yet another example of how cumbersome it is too maintain a traditionally built woodie of that magnitude a la Voyage...


But anyways,


top 25


El Toro Intamin Six Flags Great Adventure 1

Maverick Intamin Cedar Point 2

Voyage GG Holiday World 3

Skyrush Intamin Hersheypark 4

Beast Dinn Kings Island 5

Top Thrill Dragster Intamin Cedar Point 6

Millennium Force Intamin Cedar Point 7

Diamondback B&M Kings Island 8

Nitro B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 9

Lightning Racer GCI Hersheypark 10

Mystic Timbers GCI Kings Island 11

Legend CCI Holiday World 12

Storm Runner Intamin Hersheypark 13

Incredicoaster (California Screamin') Intamin Disney California Adventure 14

Fahrenheit Intamin Hersheypark 15

Kingda Ka Intamin Six Flags Great Adventure 16

Magnum XL-200 Arrow Cedar Point 17

Bizarro B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 18

Flight of Fear Premier Kings Island 19

Raven CCI Holiday World 20

Banshee B&M Kings Island 21

Space Mountain DynamicAttractions Disneyland 22

Rougarou B&M Cedar Point 23

Wicked Twister Intamin Cedar Point 25

Matterhorn Bobsleds Arrow Disneyland



bottom 5:


Cedar Creek Mine Ride Arrow Cedar Point 52

Runaway Mine Train Arrow Six Flags Great Adventure 53

Batman The Ride B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 54

Invertigo Vekoma Kings Island 55

Sidewinder Vekoma Hersheypark 56

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Love the list, felt like quite a wait but its pretty sweet! Noticed there may be an error, or maybe its intended due to how some coasters are wood or ateel but on the overall top 25 and the steel 25, one of them millennium force is > twisted colossus and then on the other its twisted> millennium force. If this is wrong seems like a lot of other parts may be messed up to so I just wanted to inform you.

Thanks for the hard work put into making this nonetheless!


Edit: was answered before actually so disregard, will leave this though is thinking the same thing.


Top 25 -

Taron Intamin Phantasialand 1

Helix Mack Liseberg 2

Balder Intamin Liseberg 3

Wildfire RMC Kolmården 4

Furius Baco Intamin PortAventura Park 5

Icon Mack Blackpool Pleasure Beach 6

Smiler Gerstlauer Alton Towers 7

Wicker Man GCI Alton Towers 8

Nemesis B&M Alton Towers 9

Tonnerre de Zeus CCI Parc Astérix 10

Grand National Paige Blackpool Pleasure Beach 11

Saw - The Ride Gerstlauer Thorpe Park 12

Shambhala B&M PortAventura Park 13

Colorado Adventure Vekoma Phantasialand 15

Twister Gravitykraft Gröna Lund 16

Dragon Khan B&M PortAventura Park 17

Olympia Looping / Munich Looping BHS Traveling 18

Stealth Intamin Thorpe Park 19

Ultimate BCM Lightwater Valley 20

Big One Arrow Blackpool Pleasure Beach 21

Black Mamba B&M Phantasialand 22

Rita Intamin Alton Towers 23

Big Dipper JohnMiller Blackpool Pleasure Beach 24

Winjas - Fear Maurer Phantasialand 25

Winjas - Force Maurer Phantasialand


Bottom 10:

Rattlesnake Maurer Chessington World of Adventures 61

Kvasten Vekoma Gröna Lund 62

Blue Flyer Paige Blackpool Pleasure Beach 63

X Vekoma Thorpe Park 64

Temple of the Night Hawk Vekoma Phantasialand 65

Twister Reverchon Lightwater Valley 66

Scenic Railway Iles Dreamland 67

Crazy Mouse Zamperla [Martin's] Fantasy Island 67

Diablo Arrow PortAventura Park 69

Hero Zamperla Flamingo Land 71


Goudurix was at 49, above Jetline/Vilda Musen but below Galactica and Infusion (not sure why infusion) buti did enjoy Goudurix!

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Something feels off in the results list in the first post. The overall list does not match the top25 lists with only steel or wooden coasters. for example, int he overal list the mega-lites are at place 25 under Taron, but at the top25 steel coasters the mega-lites are at #7 far above Taron. The same ist he case for Outlaw run. Better check the lists again.

This is now the third time I've addressed this!


The poll is working as designed. It's based on preferences, or, whether you prefer coaster A over coaster B. When you eliminate a subset of coasters for the wooden-only and steel-only polls, a lot of coasters that would have been preferred over other coasters are now gone from the poll. We remove the coasters, and THEN recalculate the results based on the new set. This means that certain coasters may have large jumps and / or falls in the rankings. For example, Boulder Dash is higher than Voyage in the combined rankings, but Voyage is higher than Boulder Dash on the wooden-only rankings.


It's not as straightforward as "take the coasters off of the combined results and re-number them" - we're basically calculating results for three coaster polls at once. The wooden-only and steel-only polls are calculated as if the other type of roller coaster never existed in the first place.

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^Fair enough. I know this probably shouldn't be something that I let affect my ratings, but screw it since they're mine, I always end up putting Kawasemi a little higher than one or two rides I think are maybe better because this is probably the best roller-coaster on my list that never has a line.


There are some rides I love but after a couple of awesome rides but being stuck in a long cattle-pen or out in the hot sun, I end up passing because I'm kind of done. Kawasemi is probably the only in my top 10 where I can basically run around, marathon and still be smiling and feeling fresh until I'm done.

Edited by Garet
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I have a question: Under the worst costers overall, Anaconda ist the wooden one with the lowest number ("the worst"), but under the worst wooden coasters, there's Bandit still worse than Anaconda. How do I have to interpret that? How can it be a badder wooden coaster, but is not worse in overall?

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I have a question: Under the worst costers overall, Anaconda ist the wooden one with the lowest number ("the worst"), but under the worst wooden coasters, there's Bandit still worse than Anaconda. How do I have to interpret that? How can it be a badder wooden coaster, but is not worse in overall?

See above. Fourth time!

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Here are mine...


Just out of curiosity, what made you enjoy Kawasemi slightly more than Piraten?


The fact it was in Japan!


Same here!

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