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  1. Thanks for all the work put into this! It's interesting to see the results, can't wait for more! It'll also be interesting to see where some of these rank next year too. Really appreciate it guys!
  2. Just did a quick Google search for school calendars and found Hanover county public schools last day is June 14th. I can't find anything on Caroline county. **Edit** Here it is. May 23rd. Dang. Am planning a trip the 2nd week of June hoping the kiddos would still be in school. 2017-2018 Calendar ADOPTED 1-17-17 front and back.pdf
  3. I got a front seat ride on Alpengeist in the pouring rain once. We were laughing at the kid on the end getting water dumped right onto his nether regions going up the lift hill but we forgot all about him soon after; when we were getting pelted with rain drops. Painful but hysterical.
  4. Sorry I didn't bump into you guys and that you didn't get on Twisted Timbers! Maybe next time. Per Bert's excellent secretarial skills demonstrated a few pages back, I was indeed able to snag a ride on Twisted Timbers when it opened later in the evening. I messaged "Voyage" about it but didn't have time to post here since I quickly threw my stuff in a bunny bin and got in line, which they promptly closed not long after for a short while for unknown reasons and then reopened it again for the remainder of the night. Really enjoyed it, super smooth, and that barrel roll drop was wild. Volcano is still my favorite ride at the park because I'm a sucker for launch coasters but Timbers is a close 2nd. Someone asked about loose articles on TT: Glasses with tightened straps are allowed. I was told I could not enter the queue with my small black fanny pack or my visor so I went and put it in a bunny bin. However, the lady behind me in line as well as at least 10 other people in line not far back from me entered with various items including hats they were wearing, large messenger bags, fanny packs, and brightly colored draw string bags packed to the brim. The ops would then take the item from them and put it on the unload platform while they rode. So, who knows. Operations are slow enough with those restraints so I'm happy to put my things in a bunny to try to speed things up! After processing my mom's Platinum Pass we finally entered the park at 12:15pm. We rode: Rebel Yell x2 (blue side was extra awesome), Drop Zone, Apple Zapple, I-305, Stunt Coaster, Volcano, I-305 again, Boo Blasters, Scooby Doo Coaster, Twisted Timbers back row, and a front seat ride on Volcano to end the night - where we were the only ones on the train! It was awesome. Sounds like you had a great day and I'm happy to see Rebel Yell is getting some love! That was my first "Big Girl" coaster. Seems like it's too early in the season for any consistency with the new loose articles policy. Maybe they'll have it down by the time I'm there in 2 months.
  5. Thanks for the info! I plan on getting a season pass so, I'll just use the lockers, marathon this sucker during ERT, get my crap and go on about my day.
  6. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here but I'm curious about the loose articles policy and new lockers. I saw a post on here that someone was told to remove a fanny pack before riding TT. I don't use a fanny pack but I have one of these tactical pouches that attaches to your belt and I'm hoping it won't be a problem taking this on rides at KD. I'd like to chalk the whole fanny pack incident up to new rules and new ops and maybe it will calm down by my trip up in early June. Anyone have any thoughts on this to help ease my mind? Here's what it looks like.
  7. I can't wait to try it, 12 days from now. (among other things at the Food and Wine Fest)
  8. It's Official! My Sis and I are going up for Food and Wine Fest, Memorial Weekend. (I know, we're crazy) We're both excited to check out Tempesto and InvadR since these were not there when we visited in 2014. We both love BGW so much and can't wait to go back even though it will probably be slammed! This park holds a special place in my sister's heart as her first park ever and her first coaster was LNM. I cannot wait!!
  9. It could be done better, as you have to figure out where each gun is firing. Each gun has a unique color and number. which is noted on your seat (this is addressed in the pre-video). Once you fire a test shot and locate where your gun is firing you adjust your aim with each shot. I completely agree it would be more fun if the guns were calibrated properly and it was easier to locate your shot. The reasons I like it. 1) I like shooting rides 2) I like the concept 3) I like indoor attractions I completely understand it is not for everybody While I enjoyed Plants vs Zombies for what it is, I think it helps if you have a little knowledge of the game as well. I don't play PvZ at home but I happened to be at Carowinds with some avid players that explained it a little. The best tip I got was, try to shoot as many golden gnomes as you can to rack up points. I came in 2nd in a room full of people with only that little bit of knowledge. I like dark rides and shooters as well but this was a one and done for me where as Boo Blasters is more re-rideable IMO. Also, it took me a minute to get my bearings when it started because it is a very busy game with things flying around everywhere.
  10. I feel the same way. I have a cabinet full of souvenir cups from various parks. Do I need another cup? Probably not. Will I buy one if it's available at the next Park I visit? Probably so. I think they should give you a choice when you buy your pass.
  11. Gotcha. Guess I took it the wrong way when I read your review. I agree that BGE/BGW is an awesome park. This might get me into more trouble but I enjoyed it more than Dollywood.
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