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IAAPA 2018 Trade Show LIVE Updates from TPR!

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While I love those two Intamins, I cannot feel like they severely knocked off every single RMC element. The only two original element I see of those two coasters is the "Non inverting cobra roll" and the quick switch track, while every other element is from RMC, using what is arguably, their signature elements which didn't exist before RMC came along. At least try to be creative and do something different. Meanwhile, I do feel at the same time I'm glad other manufacturers are taking note of RMC and re-using their element to make a more intense and exciting ride. It just feels like they're the cheater of a school test and copying the answer from the smarter kid (RMC).

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Maybe. But I don't see how that's a bad thing in any way. We get to benefit from it! I honestly wish B&M would "copy," and be influenced by RMC designs too! Besides, even if the elements are similar or the same, they feel completely different between manufacturers. The trains, track, seats, restraints, angles, etc. are all different and make for a distinct difference.

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IAAPA Attractions Expo bonus round coming at you!


Back at the show for another few laps! It's good exercise, right?


Does everyone remember when this happened to Golden Horse a few years ago? This booth wasn't them.


Some of the higher-profile vendors have HUGE booths! WhiteWater, ProSlide, and SBF Visa, to name a few.


Here's Zierer's booth! They're showing off that fun French coaster with the horse and stagecoach seats!


Of course, no IAAPA Expo would be complete without a credit on the show floor! This one is going to Jenkinson's Boardwalk in New Jersey, and it's pretty fun!


Would anyone like another go at the Sky Trail ropes course? I sure would!


Gerstlauer was showing off the Nickelodeon Universe coasters once again. Can't wait until they're open!


In a late-week press event, Intamin and Compagnie des Alpes announced TWO massive new coasters!


Once again, Zamperla brings their latest flat ride to show on the floor. This time, it's a smaller version of their popular Windstarz ride!


The IAAPA always brings the last twelve issues of their magazine to the show and gives them out for free! Who wants one?


Theme park operators sometimes have booths at the IAAPA expo too! Here's Fantawild's, and no, it isn't named "Jungle Trailblazer".


What happens when fellow theme park creatives get together for some beers? Great friendships and conversations! Thanks to the TEA for putting on their mixer every year!

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As an European the coming years are very awesome. I always was very jealous at the big new coasters being announced in Asia and North America and now europe is quickly catching up with rides like Wildfire, Taron, Fly, Hyperion, Untamed and the two new rides in Park Asterix and Walibi Belgium. It porably also has to do with the fact that many of these new rides are only a day trip away for me now.


I love the new intamin style. A perfect combination between classic and old. The second hill on the Walibi ride looks insane!


Als a dutchie I love Vekoma stepping up again with Fly and Guardians of the Galaxy. During the last factory tour they weren't allowed to say out loud they build the Disney rides and now Disney themselfs are stating it. A huge change imo. These upcoming years really are the golden age for themepark fans worldwide.


Thank you Robb for the great coverage so far!

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Of course, no IAAPA Expo would be complete without a credit on the show floor! This one is going to Jenkinson's Boardwalk in New Jersey, and it's pretty fun!




A reason to be happy to visit the in-laws next summer!

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Did I miss these? Why can I not find them anywhere. I'm such a noob!

No, you aren't. Intamin and the parks made the press announcement at the IAAPA Expo late in the week as opposed to on Tuesday with all the others. On top of that, neither Intamin nor the parks have released any official video to the public, and the stats were only given out at the show, on printed pieces of paper. The coasters don't have names yet either.


For everyone else (lurkers included), please don't hate on Intamin or the parks for doing it in this way. Those coasters aren't coming for several years and it's very likely that the public won't get any official information until closer to when they start construction - and the designs may change! I'd be willing to believe that the announcement was less for the press and more for the potential client base to know, "hey, we can do crazy unusual coaster designs like those other companies too". It seemed very low-profile to me and the parks wouldn't even let Intamin loop the video on their screen after the announcement was over.

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Finally got around to go through your updates. I always enjoy seeing your IAPPA coverage! Thanks!


GyroStore ride on page 2 - I have never seen a multi-seat version before. The video shows it flipping a lot but the other axis is moving slowly. Years ago, I got to try the single seat versions (1 was sit down and 1 was stand up) and I loved them. They flipped every which way like crazy (more than the one in this video) and made me dizzy as hell!


It was cool to see the Daniels Wood Land display. I only know them from watching their show "Redwood Kings". They do some amazing work!

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