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Have you ever encountered an animal on any ride?

ride of steel

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June 2006. The first (public) TPR Tour to the UK. Thorpe Park. Stealth.


We hit a bird, after coming down from the top hat. Feathers everywhere.

Thankfully, nobody got hit in the face with it. Just feathers.


EDIT to add The Event: http://www.themeparkreview.com/uk2006/thorpepark/thorpepark1.htm

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This is a neat thread.

I'm going to be that guy at first and say "Killimanjaro safari", but I have other examples too.

I saw a deer by the tracks on Screamin eagle at SFStL while I was riding.

I also once saw a deer and its fawn (forget the proper sciencey name) on the train at worlds of fun by Prowler

Lastly at my home park Funplex (Omaha), I saw a bird actually sit in a seat and ride a tilt a whirl. It rode it three cycles in a row.

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There was this one time during a night ride on Maverick at Cedar Point. Some how a deer got in the launch tunnel and decided to race the train on the launch, (Cheetah Hunt style) the deer almost won!! The one thing it wasn't prepared for was the wall at the end of the launch track... Poor deer.


Rumor has it, if you look closely you can still see the holes in the wood from the deer's antlers... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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While waiting in Top Thrill Dragster's line during a breakdown, I watched a group of seagulls play Chicken on Corkscrew's track. None of them managed to get hit, though.

Also, I must've eaten half a dozen bugs during the two days I spent there last June.

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