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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I got a few rides on Medusa and Superman on Tuesday. It was the emptiest I've ever seen the park. Neither coaster had full trains, Medusa only ran one train (just like Superman ...) Joker's construction is coming along, bents with RMC connectors slowly playing "connect the dots." There's some Joker track stacked in the parking lot, some of the pieces look very twisted. The initial track turning out of the station seems more banked than Roar's track was, I'm guessing there will be a small accelerator section similar to the pre-lift of Twisted Colossus.

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I took another trip to the park today. It was cold and overcast, with occasional showers. It made for an incredibly dead park. Superman was a walk-on even at 3pm, no line ever formed. I took my friend Odette with me. She rode Superman for her first time and loved it, though spent a significant portion of the first ride panicking...as well as cursing me for bringing her on there. Characters were out. A reindeer came and danced with Odette as we walked through the park. It was cool to see the people in the costumes having fun with it. Some animals were getting walked when we were there: otters and a penguin. And, of course, there was all sorts of green and purple track to see (and photograph). So, enough about me, on to the pictures!


This fellow was hanging out in the entrance plaza when the gates opened.


We also saw a few of these guys. They were seriously cute. Odette said she wants one for a pet. I said that she wants most animals for pets. She said that she drew the line at a walrus. It's good to have limits.


Reindeer were roaming the park as well. Odette got to get real close to one. I thought it was unsafe to have wild animals roaming freely in a family amusement park.


Enough with this animal nonsense, you say? Perhaps some dual colored RMC track is more your speed.


Purple and green banking out of the station.


From another angle.


There's now track leading from the brake run into the station.


Track going up on the brake run as well.


I spy a little pre-lift bunny hop.


There are some ledgers at the bottom of the first drop as well. That's all for this update. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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I'm just hoping with this addition to the park and as a whole to the bay area that we can have another Bay Area Bash.


yeah, I keep missing out on the SFMM/Knotts one but a event at SF:DK I'd really like to attend. The boardwalk is a bit too far away but I've seen videos and pictures of that and it looked like a really good time.

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