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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I took a little trip to the Kingdom on 11/1 and took some pictures of The Joker's progress, and only just now got a few minutes to post them. Nothing too exciting happening on the ride, I have a feeling that we're gonna be the last RMC to open next year, though that seems to be the case with Six Flags and their coasters. As long as it eventually opens, they can take all the time they want. They installed some of the crossbar supports (I believe they're called ledgers?) coming into and leaving the station. It looks like the turn out of the station is banked, which it isn't in the video (I know, I know...ride animation isn't completely accurate). It makes me wonder what other differences we'll see as construction progresses. That's about all I got this time around. I think I'll be back there again next Sunday (11/15). If there's anything worth photographing, I'll post some pictures. If not, then I won't.



Into the station.


From the brake run into the station.


Pre-drop out of the station (note the banking).


Out of the station.

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Did anyone go to the park on veterans day? I assume it was cold given it was over here in the valley and given last year in 2014 the bumper car's weren't back up and running until sometime in December.


Just wondering what crowds were like due to the national holiday.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another update for everyone. I had a delightful visit to the park last Sunday. It was cold and windy...which meant low crowds. I got my first 10-in-a-row ride of the off-season on Superman. A couple of the rides had me the sole rider on the train. There was a significant headwind coming into the top of the ride. That, coupled with a light train due to me being the only one riding, made for VERY slow rides through the barrel roll. Very cool, but slightly unnerving. I was not surprised when they closed the ride due to wind. I spent plenty of time checking out Roar/Joker. I found some new vantage points from which to view the ride and construction, and got several pictures. Some are good, some not as good. Full disclosure: no fences were scaled, nor rules broken to obtain any of said pictures. Construction (or, should I say, deconstruction) is moving along well. The biggest thing is that Roar is now bald, meaning that all but one small portion of track has been removed. Some more ledgers have been installed, including the final brake run and the first of the pre-lift bunny hops. I'm really looking forward to seeing that gorgeous two-tone track go up.

Enough from me. I'll let the pictures to the rest of the talking. Enjoy!



Something seems to be missing from this lift hill...


There will be a very cool inversion here sometime in the future...not soon enough for my tastes :)


An even cooler inversion will go here...f%&k it's gonna look spectacular. Also, note the removed track on the ground...if you can see it due to my taking the photo with the sun NOT behind me. #photofail


Getting cleaned up and prepped in here. Should look cool once track gets installed.


Another picture of progress inside the former tangle of track.


A pile of ledgers ready to be installed.


Speaking of ledgers, they've been installed on the final brake run.


And in this craptacular picture, if you look really hard through the sea of supports and squint your eyes just right, you can see the first bunny hop in the pre-lift section.


Bad news: Roar is closed. Not to worry, the Dippin' Dots guy said that it should be back up and running next week.

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I have some similar pictures. I went to the park yesterday, and it was basically dead. Construction on the Joker looks great, I can't wait! Although most of my pics are similar to the ones above, I'll put some up anyways. As I was there, they were putting the metal crossbar-ledger things on the lift hill.


Joker track in the parking lot! Kind of insanely twisted! This is going to be awesome!


More Joker track




Roar (well, Joker) turnaround lookin' good




A cool view of construction


Joker lift hill. By the way, V2 was closed all day.


And finally, although this is my home park and I visit rather often, I just saw Drench! for the first time. I enjoyed it!


On the way in, the gate was open, so you could see into the construction site.

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I wonder if Six Flags Discovery Kingdom would get a Batman themed ride/coaster in the future to go with The Joker coaster?

Not sure it would fit in that area of the park, unless they removed Superman and shipped it to like SFA or something.


And is it me, or does this project seem way behind compared to the other RMCs slated to open for '16?

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I think the constructions should pick up very soon, this project can be worked on during the heavy winter months, unlike Dollywood, KK and Sweden, so I understand why the focus is on those other parks for the moment. It's about allocating proper construction focus on the 4 overlapping projects!

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I haven't been back to the park since Halloween but they cleared off all the track from the first drop, the first turn and it's drop and seems like they got those metal beams from the station to the top of the lifthill. Hopefully they are picking up the pace a bit since a storm seems to be getting to California once a week now.

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Joker does have an advantage with weather. Coasters being built elsewhere have a possible chance of a snow storm coming in and cooler temps/wind could slow down construction on other projects. Since Cali has a much better forecast, it would make sense to take more time on Joker by completing the other projects first.

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