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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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^Yes, they have taken a good deal of wood off after the first drop and the second hill.


Here's one really awful photo of Roar deconstruction


I went to Fright Fest yesterday with my friend.


Because of work and traffic, we didn't get to the park till around 7. We processed our pass (quickest I've EVER had it done!), got our maze wristband, and then we were super hungry so we went to get food.


Biggest disappointment of the night: the pizza line! I wouldn't have waited if I had known it would be soooo slow and they wouldn't have veggie pizza (which I asked them before I got in line and they said they had it, but I guess not as single slices). By the time we had finished eating and got our beer, it was around 8! And I learned that the park was only open until 10, which I think is an awful thing to do on a Saturday during Fright Fest!


We did Carnevil first and that line didn't seem too long but OMG did it move SLOWWW! They were limiting the number of people going in at a time and waiting a while in between groups, which was good when you actually get into the maze but not for the wait! I had really low expectations for this maze but was pleasantly surprised. There were a lot of horrifying clown mannequins and some equally horrifying scare actors. A few good tricks and nice props, especially the one at the end! My biggest complaint was that there was too much down time in this maze, just going under a bunch of red and white flaps to get to the next room, and no scares in those halls.


Next, we did Slaughter Pig Farms, always a favorite! I didn't go to SFDK Fright Fest last year, but they had changed up a lot of this maze from two years ago and completely reversed the direction of it. Still one of the best mazes there and had some good tricks and another cool big prop towards the end!


Feeling a little nervous and pressed for time, we went straight to Nightmare Manor where we were met with another slowwwwww line. At about 20 till 10, I was wondering if this was going to be our last maze of the night, but it seemed like the employees figured that out and put a big group of people through just before us (unless they were somehow all together?). When it was our turn, my friend and I went in behind a group of 4. They introduced the maze to us (I don't remember them doing that before) and Arsenic and Arania popped out to scare us before we were led into their house. I really liked the bigger focus on the twins this year than what I remember before. The twins were around every corner it seemed! Unfortunately, I didn't really get scared in this maze since the group of 4 in front of us got all the jump scares, but it was hilarious to watch and I still really like this maze.


With like 15 minutes before closing, we rushed and did Shipwreck of Horror, which was pretty much the same as I remembered it, and Scrapyard of the Dead which was also about the same, and didn't have to wait for either. We jogged over to Boathouse but made it at 10:01 and they weren't letting people in anymore. Caught the last two songs of Aftermath for a good ending to the night!


Overall, I definitely think Fright Fest has improved significantly from the first time I went about 4 years ago, and has even improved a lot in the last two years! It's still not up to par with Haunt, but it has its own niche, so if you're a Haunt junkie, take Fright Fest with a grain of salt. My biggest frustration was them closing at 10 and the lines moving so slow that we weren't able to do all the haunts in time, let alone the shows. We might make it back to see the shows, but I'm not going to dish out another $20 for a few hours of mazes. I really wish Six Flags offered some sort of Season Pass for the mazes like a lot of parks are now doing.

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^^Busch Gardens Williamsburg was only open until 10:00 pm for the first night of Howl-o-Scream, which made no sense to me, either. I guess it's a budgeting and staffing issue.

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I went to SFDK this past Saturday with family and my first time to Fright Fest. Overall, really enjoyed it!


We got to the park at around 1pm and got on Medusa, Sky Screamer, Cobra, and Dare Devil Chaos. I've been on Medusa more than any ride in my life and it's still one of the more fun roller coasters for me. I wasn't super excited about Dare Devil even though it was going to be my first time on it, but it was surprisingly fun! After some small rides and shows we headed to Superman. There was about a 25 minute wait which didn't seem too bad. Then all of sudden after eating, it was 7pm and we went and got our wristbands.


We went in the Boathouse at Blood Lake first which had about a 10-15 min wait. They were sending small groups of 7-10. It had some good scares and then I was really exicted to see the rest of the frights. The Scrapeyard of the Dead was next for us and it didn't have any wait. It wasn't the best fright since it was in the open and wasn't super dark at the time but still enjoyable.


After that we stood in the line of the Slaughter house for about 20 min. I had heard this was one of the better frights so I was pretty excited for this. I thought the layout was great but wasn't really scary. I think it was probably just bad timing for us.


Then we went to Carnevil and it had a decent line -but not too long. Except the line moved so slowly. It also didn't help that there were about 10 people that cut in front of everyone. It was 9pm at the time so we figured this might be the last fright for us. Finally, it was our time and we were in a group of 7. I was in front so I definitely got the full experience. The maze with the curtains seemed never ending but I jumped a few times when the actors popped in front of me lol.


The Shipwreck fright was close by so we thought we would squeeze that in. It was around 9:30 and the wait was about 10 min. Overall, I thought this was pretty fun but maybe not the scariest. It was fun seeing the aquarium as well. Once we got out, we walked towards Nightmare Manor thinking maybe we'll get to see this. The line was really long but it started moving fast when they were sending big groups at a time. After going through this (even in a big group), I would say it was my favorite haunted house.


We wanted to get some more roller coasters in at night but it was already close to 10pm and we left. Overall, this was a fun trip. Even though I don't have anything to compare this to, I would still say it was a really good fright fest.

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I went to SFDK last Sunday. The crowds weren't too bad. I got a half dozen rides in on Superman, one on V2, two on Medusa, and one on Kong. I finally tried Dare Devil for my first time. It certainly feels way too much like a carnival ride, but I enjoyed myself. It was undeniably fun. I enjoyed my day. However, I find it hard to get as excited about going as I usually do, as everything seems so underwhelming compared to what's coming our way next summer. Speaking of which, I checked out Roar/Joker to see the progress. Some track has been removed. Track has been removed from below halfway down the first drop to about half way up the entry into the first turnaround. Part of the drop after the second turnaround has been removed as well. I saw one crane onsite. That's about all I could see happening. I'm looking forward to when they start installing track, but it doesn't seem like it'll be any time soon. I attached some pictures of what progress has been made thus far. Enjoy.


First drop getting ready to get significantly steeper.


Yay, you won't hurt anymore! Though, to be fair, the recent retracking did wonders for the bottom of the first drop.


A view of deconstructed Roar from next to the station.


A closer look.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Went today (Sunday) in order to ensure that we could process our season passes and end up with gold ones & parking before the November 1st deadline as our schedules weren't going to allow us to go any time in the near future.


It was hell on earth.


Between the cheerleading competition, plenty of families wanting to process their passes before said deadline and folks arriving for the late night haunts of Fright Fest, the place was PACKED. Parking lot was quickly nearing capacity when we arrived before the noon opening and the endless stream of cheerleaders heading towards Superman around noon was very disconcerting. We've gone to this park nearly a dozen times the previous two years and never had to wait more than twenty minutes for a coaster with the exception of one or two rides on Kong. In short, it's usually dead on Sunday. And I mean, dead.


We also had attended during the cheerleading competition day a year or two ago and despite the large crowds over at the lake front pavilion, very few from that event actually seemed to want to check out the rides, making Roar that day's lengthiest line at a mere fifteen minutes. Today, it seemed everybody involved with this event wanted to get in ride time making this probably the busiest non-summer Sunday of the year.


We got in and decided to check out the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster for the first time. Wait time was about twenty minutes. The ride? Nothing more than a torturous carnival experience and certainly NotACoaster. Between the train disappointingly being moved around the loop by a conveyor belt, the stomach churning g-forces near the bottom of the loop and the blazingly hot sun (the weather report totally blew it), this was one attraction and afternoon that made sure I'll never even remotely consider riding it again. Heck, even the ride's operator called Hammerhead this ride's predecessor which once again proves that it's NotACoaster.


Medusa was at least an hour long line and was in the process of having just broken down when we walked over to it. The crowd sizes made Kong and the swing ride out of the question as well. Keep in mind that we're used to barely waiting at all for these attractions and have ridden them an endless amount of times over the past two years, so almost nothing was going to get us to wait more than twenty minutes for 'em.


We got to the other side of the park and noticed the soul crushingly long line for Season Pass processing near the front, but at least V2 was a walk-on and as fun a ride as ever. Superman looked doable when I had taken a peek at the line (just one lane coming out of the door), but in actuality, there were four lanes wrapping around from the ride's front, making it about a forty minute wait time at least. Ugh. We got all the way there and then fled.


We then sat in processing for about forty minutes in the hot sun and went home. A total waste of time and I can't help but imagine that a lot of families are going to end up using their passes far less frequently simply because they had a rough day today when in actuality you can attend the park almost any Sunday outside of the summer (and maybe spring break) without any real crowds. I mean, it's gotta be a little disheartening to try and get the whole family there at opening and there's already a massively long line for Medusa as six hundred cheerleaders have flooded the ride before noon.


Luckily, we've done it all enough and live a mere half hour away that it wasn't the worst experience of my life (or even at this park given a nightmare day of crowds many, many years ago), but it was just another bad feather in the cap of what had been a horrible morning and afternoon. My only hope is that the great value of the Six Flags Season Pass hasn't become less of a secret because neither of us want to bring friends on what were previously dead days and have to wait in line an hour for Medusa or have the park just be a massively populated area no matter what once The Joker arrives. At the very least, we'll get some good Magic Mountain action mid-week in May when it's totally dead down South, but I can't help but be a bit disappointed with today's godawful crowds, once again proving that no theme park is worth it when crowded.

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I was unforntantly on the same boat yesterday hoping to get my season pass processed and check out fright fest, only get have one of the most poimtless visits ive had at the park. I totally forgot about the stupid cheer leading thing and almost walked right back to my car the moment I saw one of the uniforms, but I went ahead anyway. After waiting about 30 minutes to get my season passed processed (Which turned out to be a bit pointless because they calmed that the cut of date for gold passes was pushed back to December, but this being SF you never know), I tried to get a wristband for the mazes only to find that they weren't offering the VIP passes for some unexplained reason, and I wasn't about to spend $20 just to stand in line most of the night. So I just walked around the park trying to find something that wasn't an hour long wait, which ofcourse was impossible so I left. I'm going to guess that the lines might mellow a bit once the Joker opens since I think Roar being closed has to do with the longer lines.

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^ & ^^ Sorry to hear about your lousy visit. My wife actually asked me if I planned on going yesterday (I go roughly every other Sunday during the "off" season). She looked at me funny when I told her that I wasn't, then understood when I said "damn cheerleaders". Sucks to hear about the annoying crowds. Fortunately, that should be about the last of the Sunday crowds. November through February/March is magical...like your own, private ERT session.

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Heck, we've hit up spring Sundays that weren't near spring break and even Sundays in late August and it was basically quiet. People who don't go to theme parks often look at us weird when we say there's absolutely no lines there and that they should come with us some time for free ("surrrrrrrrrre there aren't any lines..."), but really there are absolutely no freakin' lines at DK on Sundays outside of the peak season. Kong with its single car with two seats per row is the worst of the coasters in terms of lines, usually, and rarely is it any worse than ten minutes. Medusa is usually a few cars wait, same for Superman. V2 is a walk-on, Roar is often a few cars wait at most. Boomerang is a walk on (yeah, as if that's worth bragging about).


As for Roar being closed, it hardly leads to a big increase in lines on off days. Not everyone that would be in line for it is necessarily going to be in line for a coaster at that same moment, and even if they were, it would add a couple trains wait or two to the more popular coasters. Yes, Joker arriving will lessen the other lines a bit, but it's also going to bring a ton of people into the park as this will be their new flagship ride.


But, I mean, if it does lead to Sunday's being way more populated and 20 minute waits for a lot of these coasters, that's still a livable experience. This past Sunday was a friggin' nightmare.

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After waiting about 30 minutes to get my season passed processed (Which turned out to be a bit pointless because they calmed that the cut of date for gold passes was pushed back to December, but this being SF you never know)


Not only did they not inform people of the changed date (to the best of my knowledge), but they were telling people that they could get a special pass and come back before December after people had reached the middle of the line. Right, so I just spent 20-30 minutes in line to get my pass processed and I'm just going to leave this line and force myself to have to come back before another deadline and then have to sit through some sort of line again to finally get it processed? Um, no thanks, the twenty minutes remaining from that point to the processing area will do just fine.


Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

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^ & ^^ Sorry to hear about your lousy visit. My wife actually asked me if I planned on going yesterday (I go roughly every other Sunday during the "off" season). She looked at me funny when I told her that I wasn't, then understood when I said "damn cheerleaders". Sucks to hear about the annoying crowds. Fortunately, that should be about the last of the Sunday crowds. November through February/March is magical...like your own, private ERT session.


yeah, when i took my friend with me and my dad on a BAFF day in like jan or feb it was foggy at the start of the day at SF:DK but it was a really light day given it was BAFF and all. Very fun time to go.

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processed my past yesterday, Sunday the 25th of october. they handed me and my friend the 2016 booklet of discounts and more importantly BAFF days.


Here's the list:


holiday in the park 2015: Nov 27th, 28th, 29th. December 6th, 13th, 20, 27, 28,29, 30. (dear god i'm already bored.)


BAFF in Jan/Feb 2016: Jan 10, 24, 31 or Feb 7, 21, 28


BAFF May/June 2016 : may 31st, june 1, 2 ,3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, ,13, 14, 15


BAFF August: 8th 9th and 10th.


BAFF Select sundays: august 28th, September 11th or september 18th.


GOLD season pass members get a BAFF any Tuesday in july.


(done quicker then I expected)



Me and my friend got into the park sunday at like 2:30, it was a rather busy day and we showed up over a hour late because freaking Highway 12 was closed. It will be this coming weekend (30th to the 1st) Friday - early Monday as well, both directions. So take highway 4 if your in san joaquin county.


We get our lunches off my dining passes (2015 and 2016 ones)

Medusa Twice, Sky Screamer once.

got our wristbands (25 each with season pass in the park)

got salted pretzels while waiting for nightmare manor to open.

hit all 6 mazes

got dinner did our 2nd ride on medusa and left.


We took I-80 to Sacramento then cut I-5 south to go back to stockton and oakdale. Just getting to I-5 took like 35 mins then 40 from Sac to Stockton.

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i went to SF:DK with my dad and his friend since they both needed to get their promotional gold season passes processed. Some staff in the season processing said the deadline was extended to the end of december. Anyways they couldn't process passes at the gate, they could only scan tickets and passes even the finger print readers were down.


As soon as I got in, I filled my green 2015 cup with ginger ale at the free style machine then did two rides on Superman. After that it was only water water safari and then a ride on cobra because medusa was about a 30+ min wait at 4;30 pm.


there were at least 75 people still waiting to buy tickets among others at will call/guest relations when we left at around 7:30 pm. the fair grounds lot was at least a quater full with a line of cars stopped on the fairgrounds road waiting to get into SF:DK. Insanely busy night for them, more so for season pass processing as that line never got less then 75 people after 3 pm.

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Wow, the colors on those track pieces really pop! I've been really impressed with what Six Flags has done with SFDK lately. They got the first Premier Sky Rocket II in the world in 2012 and then a custom RMC in 2016. Most parks would kill for one of those coasters in that time frame, yet SFDK got both of them. There's such a huge population base in NorCal that I think SF sees the opportunity to be the premier park in the region and they are going for it.

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^not as short as Goliath and I still really liked Goliath.


I'M SO DOWN FOR THIS RIDE. I can't believe they're already shipping track! This is still so surreal to me. If this even has 2 moments of great airtime then it's gonna be soooo much better than Roar. And I love the inversions too!

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