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  1. Bring a friend days are always busy especially the ones on weekends. Again, just not true either given our past experiences or even this May when we brought friends and waited no more than ten minutes for Medusa (and basically walked on the other two times).
  2. Maybe we just got too damn lucky because in 2013 and 2014 we had nothing but awesome times whenever we went. Not a single crowded offseason Sunday at Discovery Kingdom at any point in the year (always avoided Spring Break/Summer, naturally) and we most often went in September and October both years, usually twice each month. Seriously was dead every single time with the worst wait occasionally being Kong at a little over 20 minutes since there's usually one car. To put it in perspective, Superman barely ever got down the little stairs outside of where you board the car. Yes, barely past t
  3. A few personal things that I don't really get: 1) There is no way that Tatsu isn't deserving of being a top 50 coaster. It's the best of its breed, thrilling and exceedingly creative with a good environment as well since there's a lot of trees around and the like. I personally think Magic Mountain just gets dissed a lot in the community and it basically causes their coasters to all be sorely underrated. Probably doesn't help parks in Californial, either, that 2/3 of the country is closer to the non-western states and thus probably don't get out here as often. X2, for example, is one o
  4. This one grows on you, I think. The more I've ridden it the more I become convinced that it's one of the best coasters out there. Period. I also think you can really only get a fair opinion of a ride if you don't have to actually wait for it (and we go to Magic Mountain when the park is dead). Any time you have to wait more than half an hour to get on a coaster, you're going to want a truly killer experience to make up for all that boredom and discomfort you just went through.
  5. Went on Sunday, brought in two friends for free, and it was basically disastrous. First time I've ever gone on an offseason Sunday with no special event and have had it be extremely crowded. Took an eternity just getting into the park. We then went towards V2 and were surprised there was an actual line (hell, there wasn't even a line last year on that awful cheerleader Sunday!). We waited a little over ten minutes, maybe 15, and got on so it wasn't the worst thing. Then came The Joker which I've never ridden since it didn't even open until Memorial Day (and we got burned trying to go t
  6. They're only open until 6 today, so I imagine the students mostly stayed there until closing. Otherwise, there's likely a lot of kids that didn't even get into the park by noon and it would be ridiculous for their school to have everybody meet back at the bus at four or whatever. Those teens would literally get on The Joker and that's about it. Today's attendance actually might have been alright compared to how it generally is even on those offseason Sundays, but the problem lies with the demographics. When my girlfriend and I go on offseason, the parking lot can be pretty damn full but i
  7. The park was only open until 6 today despite the crowds. We usually go on off-season Sundays. And aside from one instance involving cheerleaders last fall, we have gone at least a dozen times to the Vallejo park with basically walk-ons for Superman and the like...with Kong being the only occasional line at 20-30 minutes if there's only one train running. The park is literally a dead zone in the fall, winter and spring on Sundays that aren't on Holiday or Spring Break weekends. We don't even show up at opening ever. For Magic Mountain, we've gone mid-week in May. Nobody there. Even if w
  8. Instead of going super early on Friday, my girlfriend and I had decided to go on Tuesday given that she was going to take the day off anyway. Seeing that the hours were limited and that it was right after the holiday weekend demand, it surely was the sensible idea. We got there this morning and the general parking lot was emptier than I've ever seen it before! The fact that anybody would actually try and go on a Tuesday after a holiday weekend must have been lost on DK and we were in for a great score. But... The. School. Buses. Immediately upon arrival, we noticed hundreds upon hu
  9. Someone on the Instagram post a page back where DK revealed The Penguin mentioned turning V2 into Batman. All that would require is a paint-job. Personally, I think the answer is actually pretty obvious. The Flash. The color scheme already is similar and the ride is all about that very fast start. They should make it Flash themed and that would be incredibly easy to accomplish.
  10. Friday should be the day as the park will be way less crowded compared to the rest of the weekend. Even if the passholders only being able to ride The Joker on Saturday makes the lines somewhat bearable, the rest of the park will be a nightmare given that it's memorial day weekend. I'm actually wanting to get some other rides in...got our passes last fall on the one off-season Sunday that was ever crowded for us (cheerleader day) so that was a nightmare where we got on all of two rides. Then took some friends for free a few months back but Superman and NotACoaster were both shut down. Bum
  11. Quick question. I heard that they don't allow the VR goggles on the front of Revolution, probably because this policy allows the people not riding with VR to experience the front seat view...is it possible that sitting up front for that ride can actually lower the wait time since most people want to ride with the goggles? I mean, simple math, if there's a smaller percentage of groups of two that BOTH want to ride without VR than their are two-seat groups per train, it would then contend that you can get on the ride faster without the goggles (and the front seat to boot). Not to mention the
  12. For the record, X2 is still their most popular coaster and could even out-draw Full Throttle most of the time when that one was new (although X2 was also not even running when Full Throttle first showed up)...I'm sure the situation was the same with Twisted Colossus. X2 is their most thrilling attraction and it's also the coaster there that ranks highest in the nerdy annual roller coaster surveys (with Tatsu and Goliath being the other steel ones that hover in the Top 50). It's no surprise to me that they can still charge extra for it. It does look like in the near term, especially with th
  13. It's definitely the best time of year to go to the park. We only go to Magic Mountain once whenever we have the season passes (we live in Norhtern California) and we make a two day trip out of it in the first week in May on weekdays. That time period smushed between Spring Break and Summer is an absolute dead zone. When we went two years ago, our second day (a Thursday) there was an interview given to us about whether we planned on riding Gold Rusher and Ninja (we had ridden every coaster the previous day with the exception of Revolution which was down and the two kiddie ones where you ne
  14. It's a sequence from the Pacific Rim movie and the seats shake and water is sprayed at you a few times. And that's after you watch a pre-show that's an over-extended trailer for the same movie. I am honestly dumbfounded after riding this thing. Simulators are meant to actually simulate things, not just shake around while you watch a movie. The two old dinosaur programs they had before this were absolutely fine and so have been the ones that Great America have used over the years...they aren't always great, but they're a decent way to beat the heat and have a unique ride experience. For my
  15. Not only did they not inform people of the changed date (to the best of my knowledge), but they were telling people that they could get a special pass and come back before December after people had reached the middle of the line. Right, so I just spent 20-30 minutes in line to get my pass processed and I'm just going to leave this line and force myself to have to come back before another deadline and then have to sit through some sort of line again to finally get it processed? Um, no thanks, the twenty minutes remaining from that point to the processing area will do just fine. Honestly,
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