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  1. Not at all, to me SFDK is in the tier with say SFNE and SFFT. Just look at what SFDK has gotten since 2012, and then use the same comparison with SFA and St Louis. 2011 - Sky Screamer (Funtime Starflyer) 2012- Superman Ultimate Flight (Premier Sky Rocket II) 2014- Tsunami Soaker - Now The Penguin (Mack Twist N Splash) 2015- Dare Devil (Larson Loop) 2016- The Joker and Pacific Rim 5D (RMC Conversion, Iwerks Theater) 2017 - Wonder Woman ( Zamperla Giant Discovery) and Acquisition of Water World, Now Hurricane Harbor Concord 2018 - Harley Quinn (Skywarp) 2019 - Batman (S&S 4D Freespin) If you were to calculate capital investment in 8 years, I am almost certain its equal to or greater than the money spent at the larger Six Flags parks.
  2. For me it really wasn't about classification, but rather how the ride works mechanically. I didn't know counting credits was still a thing
  3. And in that photo you can clearly see the electrical pick ups for the ride vehicles. Great find. Someone find a video of this thing in action!
  4. Very interesting, the basic construction screams powered coaster to me. I can see the flat bar steel down the center of the spine for what I assume might either be A. Simply a catwalk surface or B. Surface for a drive tire of some sort like you find on any other powered coaster. What is yet to be seen is a bus rail or and any kind of electrical pick up which would be 100% confirmation of being a powered coaster type. Also unknown based on these photos is any other kind of launching or braking mechanism, but could obviously be missing based on where it is in the construction timeline. Count me in for being interested in this project
  5. More than likely the ride will not be programmed for the train to rise to that height. I'm willing to bet the rear car will barely reach the area just bellow that section. Most shuttle coasters are designed in the same fashion, making that area and the bumper fail-safes in case of an overspeed. In addition, with a largely unsupported area, the less weight up there, the better. It should prevent any unwanted fatigue from normal swaying of the structure when its under dynamic loads.
  6. Definitely pre-1997. If a had to guess, between 87-91 based on what facilities are present.
  7. FYI, in any roller coaster application, Nylon, or high speed wheels allow the vehicle to travel faster, while poly wheels generally slow the ride vehicle down. Joker opened on 100% Nylon wheels to assist with break in procedures. However, very similar to Medusa, Joker now runs a mix of Poly and Nylon wheels to "tune" and adjust the overall target cycle time. Hope that helps. Still tuning, Charles
  8. This post gave me douche chills. Anyone else? And yes, I understand that you were trying for a joke. But that's going about as well as my "trying" to win the powerball. Nope, but your post does.
  9. Giovanola was a the main track fabricator and subcontractor for those guys for a long time before going under. At the last stages of this companies life they built 3 rides, anaconda , Titan and Goliath. Case closed.
  10. so thankful for a great POV. sometimes when i see the videos the parks get i wonder who the hell they hired to take these videos? I did.
  11. Boomerang and Sky Screamer are operational as of today, as is White Water Safari. As far as planned closures, you can count on Joker for construction and V2 for its annual refurb. Beyond that, all Major rides and attractions should be operational. Enjoy your Adventure.
  12. Now that things are starting to move along, I'll be doing regular flights as long as there's something to see! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153720863737743
  13. It was good to meet you yesterday, glad to hear you and your daughter had a good time at the park!
  14. I'm not so sure KOD is where it will happen. Keep in mind the KOD space was cut into when the Johnny Rockets was put in on the corner nearest to Perilous. I believe once upon a time there was a plan for KOD, but the nail in the coffin may have been JR. But I have been worng before!
  15. While that area is Restricted, it is not connected to the Restricted Area of the ride. This gate in question is an access gate to the tram yard that was re-located here after we built Sky Screamer. However we do appreciate the extra set of eyes.
  16. For the time being most of the testing is being done over night and not during park operation.
  17. It had reached the end of its usefull life. We still have lots planned for that area of the ride.
  18. Todays update is short and sweet. She is virtually structually complete. For now enjoy this one of a kind beauty. Its going to be one heck of a ride! Final Lift at around 1130am From Sky Screamer
  19. We will be using the old queue so yes it will be just as you described. Beyond that we still have some surprises up our sleeves, so you will just have to wait and see
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