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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (SFDK) Discussion Thread

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I was on my way home from Vegas today and getting on the 91W from the 15S about 7 minutes on I noticed these brown supports (Corona area heading West which is toward Knotts and both Six Flags parks). For those not from CA the distance is about 25 mins to Knotts, 80 mins to Magic Mtn and about 7 hours to SFDK. I realize these could be for anything, BUT I cant think of anything other than a coaster where you would use brown as a primary color for a support.


If by all means you know what these are please let me know.






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Just got back from the park a bit ago with part of the gang (Blue Fire Guy, JeffyJosephNorcal, neighbor, cousin) and had a pretty solid visit for a busy Summer Sunday. It seemed to be a bit busy due to the fact that school starts this week for many school districts and this is their final moment of fun. But that did not stop us from having a great time at the park and getting a good number of rides in as well as checking out some animals. Sadly, I couldn't find Sharknado, Sharktopus, or Ghost Shark.


We rode the following:

S:UF - 6x (4 10-minute waits, 2 45-minute waits...their crew still baffles me as well as the ride itself and how it produces crazy airtime)

Medusa - 2x (Felt really forceless today even in the back row...Best moments were the drop, coming out the first loop, and the zero g roll)

Roar - 1x (This ride has gotten really bad...like hitting constant potholes)

Kong - 1x (Ka-kong! Ka-kong! Bang-ding-ow! Yup this sums up the ride and was probably my worst ride on it. Coming out the sidewinder element provided a violent shake

Roadrunner Express - 1x (we had our reasons why)

V2 - 1x (My neighbor wanted to punch this after last visit as she fractured her coccyx on it)


We also rode Nairobi's lookout balloon...on this, originally going to each take our own balloon, Blue Fire Guy and I get assigned into the same balloon (after the ride op said 1 adult per balloon) when we decide to get this thing spinning (after getting checked) before the ride starts. As soon as we slowed down and realized the ride hadn't started, we actually felt pretty sick...and the ride hadn't even started yet. The ride itself consisted of us trying to keep the balloon oriented in 1 direction, no spinning.


Also rode VooDoo where the former sludge pit is now a working fountain. This was the first time I had ever seen this function in my entire times of visiting since 1999.


So yea, great day! Random tidbits:

-Early morning Six Flags trivia...lady asks what the fastest coaster is in Six Flags...me thinking nation-wide I raise hand and shout "Kingda Ka" only to find out that the correct answer was Medusa.

-Shark Experience conveyor not working, traffic jam in shark tunnel

-Lots of crowds and people stopping right in front of us...was getting annoying and left me giving several flat tires (stepping on shoes) to members of our party.

-Lots of oversized strollers to dodge

-And a rude lady in an electric scooter telling everyone that "You all are going to have to go around me!" I can't stand entitled people like that.


Here bright and early!


My neighbor doesn't like V2 anymore...time to give it a punch!


The group, at S:UF!


Jeff looks completely exhausted. This ride will wake him up!




And then this happened...Somebody's getting a new credit today!


My cousin and neighbor signed up to participate in the dolphin encounter, where they can pet and interact with dolphins. Pretty neat stuff!


Cheese! Let's eat it!


Back at S:UF...crowds got so busy it was time to bust out that second train!


And into the butterfly room...Yup, more butterfly porn is about to happen!


Control panel porn, since we're on the topic of porn.


Medusa's 3rd train is getting worked on...could hear them working on it!


Let's go ride this thing...why?


#YOLO! That's why!


Venturing into the Shark Experience to find the fabled Sharktopus, Sharknado, and Ghost Shark...


But found these instead. It is Shark Week at SFDK...why no Sharktopus for shark week?


The evil spinning balloon ride that left Blue Fire Guy and I completely drained and unable/unwilling to spin before the cycle even started.


And I end the visit with a true Clench 'n Squish in SFDK's tram...yes, all 5 of us just made it on a single bench :)

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^Nice "2-train op" pic of S:UF you've got there!


Today managed to be very enjoyable despite the fact that every person in the crowd thought their job was to be a physical obstacle, and the fact that Roar and Kong were both insanely rough and were very painful. After the sidewinder, the shaking on Kong became violent and incessant until the brake run and beat the crap out of us, even the last little s-curve into the brakes bashed our heads! As for Roar, it basically felt like the train was running on square wheels.


S:UF continues to be an awesome coaster with the ejector air and all. We've now nicknamed it "Stripperman" due to it's tendency to try to undress people during the backward's launch, lol!

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I payed the park a visit today. The crowds were pretty crazy, over a 1 hour wait for almost every major ride at the height of the day. Getting there early was a great idea, since there was a line of cars stretching back almost to the freeway off ramp, and thats just to get into the parking lot! That means since everyone was waiting to get in, almost every ride a walk on for close to an hour! That being said, the day was typical day at SFDK for me: enjoyed fun rides, ate overpriced food, and watched great shows! Here's a few little mini reviews of some the main attractions I did:


Superman: A really fun, quirky coaster as always, still my favorite ride in the park!

Roar: This ride is getting to be really brutal. The bottom of the first drop feels like some ones throwing you into a blender, same goes for the next few drops after it.

Medusa: I used to love this ride, but it really doesn't do it for me anymore. The first 3 inversions in the back are great, but just about everything after that is pretty lame, its your typical "new school" B&M coaster.

Drench!: Seemed pretty much the same as the old dolphin show was shown in dolphin harbor, which isn't at all a bad thing, since its always fun to see dolphins do cool dolphin tricks!

Cirque Dreams SPLASHTASTIC: I wasn't to crazy about seeing this show because i'm just not a big fan of whole "artsy cirque" thing. But I did end up liking it because it was a very clever, fun, and well done production and I had a great time watching it!

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We went to the park on Sunday to see the last showing of Cirque Dreams. We saw it earlier in the day and can confirm that for the last show they used their best performers and really did brilliantly. I also got James volunteered to ring the bell for the last show. We'll both miss this show and really hope they might work something out to bring it back.


FRIGHT FEST UPDATE: They were advertising for Fright Fest and there is a new maze called "Total Darkness." Waiting in line for Cirque Dreams later, we talked to a lady who visits SFDK every Saturday and Sunday, and she said she heard it's an up-charge maze (beyond the wristband) where they limit the number of people at a time, and it's supposed to be like pitch black. We basically gathered that it's the Six Flags version of Knotts' "Trapped." The lady also said there will be 7 Fright Fest attractions this year, counting "Total Darkness," and I believe there were 6 last year, which leads me to believe that the same mazes will return. However, we also saw an ad that said "More zombies than ever before," and the only somewhat zombie maze was Scrapyard of the Dead, so maybe they're gonna get rid of that one or another in favor of a zombie maze.


Another intriguing thing we spotted....some broken concrete and what looks like some kind of water or air pipe in the grassy area in between Roar and Superman. I've somewhat kept my eye on that area and I don't remember seeing anything there besides plants before. You can only really see what I'm talking about from the top of Superman. Even if it's nothing new, it still got us excited and talking about possible additions for next year.

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There's a rumor going around the internet that the park might get a Mack Aqua Twist much like La Ronde's. Although I usually don't trust rumors, I do think one would fit great at a park like SFDK, and the park could really use another water ride, especially considering how popular the current water rides are.

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Hey everyone! I went to the park to get a new season pass since I lost mine last Sunday on Superman...learned my lesson about keeping my pockets buttoned. Made it even scarier for me today, too. Although I knew my pockets were zipped, I couldn't help feeling anxious that something would fly out.


I rode V2, Roar, and Superman once each and then spent most of my afternoon looking at animal exhibits and riding smaller rides. Roar is much rougher than when I rode it in the beginning of the summer. Hope it gets a lot more TLC this off-season as it's getting really painful, even for me.





The ad for the new "Trapped"-style maze.


Shark Experience


(seen outside Shark Experience) Getting banned from the tank really sucks


Odin's looking gorgeous as always!


Look at that fine, young...kitty.


"Drench!" was great. Now that Cirque is done, they put their best out for this show.


Why they call it "Drench!"


Finishing up the night with two front-row rides on Medusa. Awwwhhhh yeahhhh...

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It’s official. In 2014, guests can enjoy the park all year long as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom expands its calendar to operate year round, including weekends and holidays in both January and February. Already home to the best entertainment in Northern California, the park will introduce a brand new interactive water ride, the first of its kind at the park. The all-new Tsunami Soaker will be the newest addition to the lineup of family thrills, and this wet and wild attraction will provide an energetic and engaging experience like no other, drenching riders of all ages.


Tsunami Soaker is like the classic teacup ride but with an exciting twist. You and up to five other passengers will hop into one of the nine round boats sitting on a circular floor atop a pool of water. As the ride begins, the floor will lower into the water until it disappears below, allowing your boat to float and splash around. Your raft will spin in circles while the other boats twist around you, creating a disorienting but fun experience.


Each seat on the boat is armed with a giant water gun so every rider can participate in the action. While your boat rotates around the wet course, you can engage in an adrenaline-pumping water battle, shooting your pistol at other riders as well as innocent bystanders, soaking them with bursts of water. This drenching water attraction will be a great way to cool off on a hot day and enjoy a fun family adventure.


The new Tsunami Soaker is set to debut in 2014. Are you ready to get soaked on this new ride?

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Already home to the best entertainment in Northern California, the park will introduce a brand new interactive water ride, the first of its kind at the park.


Ok, wait, did anyone laugh as hard as I did reading this sentence?!!? Very good SFDK, you bought a ride you don't already have at the park!?!?

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