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IAAPA 2014 Live Coverage!

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I can totally imagine a Universal or Disney-level themed version of that SFX coaster.

That's funny because Gringott's coaster looks a lot like the SFX. But it has been stated that Gringott's was from Intamin if I'm not mistaking.


The KMG seat is for their pendulum rides. Morey's Pier's Afterburner, "It", already have those. It is rumored that one XXL (a giant pendulum ride) will have those too, which would be terrifyingly great!

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Some more updates!




ETF had a dark ride vehicle sitting in their booth


Wave Loch's Surf Pool looked interesting. Love their Flowrider. Hope this is cool, too!


So many inflatables!!!




Stu the Talking Love Guru! Yup! :)


Another look at the Six Flags Justice League ride vehicle from Oceaneering


Some pretty cool Halloween figures on display


The Arthur ride vehicle from Mack Rides was amazing!


Checking out the new booth design from Great Coasters International


Junior woodie train from LEGOLAND Florida on display at the Great Coasters International booth


Always cool to see our footage playing at the Intamin booth


Here's the BIG FUN model


Adam shares a strange moment with the Coca Cola bear!


Giving the Honolulu hot dog a try.


Triple decker Carousel anyone?


Who would like a "Cheesecake Cone?"


The "High Five" coaster model at the M&V booth!



Elissa taking another leap of faith


Elissa proved to be a Ninja Warrior IAAPA today!


And we'll close out today's IAAPA coverage with another look Six Flags Magic Mountain's Twisted Colossus train!

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Regarding the Side Slide feature on the SFX Coaster...



All joking aside, that ride looks like a LOT of fun and appears to be full of potential! Here's hoping more are built.


I'm also highly intrigued by that Dome Ride concept...I could see that becoming a big hit as well.

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1. Six Flags can actually build a better dark ride than Cedar Fair



Long-term maintenance will be the real test.


Here's a quick video of how the Joker animatronic will move in a few years, ignore the triangle staying on the screen the video is actually playing


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I can totally imagine a Universal or Disney-level themed version of that SFX coaster.

That's funny because Gringott's coaster looks a lot like the SFX. But it has been stated that Gringott's was from Intamin if I'm not mistaking.


In my talking to Sandor today he did take credit for Gringott's. He was also very happy to hear that KidTums rode Zumanjaro and loved it!

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That's funny because Gringott's coaster looks a lot like the SFX.


Ok, didn't know that because I've been trying to stay as far away from all Gringotts information as possible to avoid spoilers. I really need to get back out to Orlando... Back on topic, that Mike Kitchen interview is interesting, Seven inversions? And 123 degrees? Isn't that steeper than Takabisha? Yes please!

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SFX coaster... What we all wanted Alton's Th13teen to be! Also so happy to see it's made by a copany based right here in my home country!


Also love the skyscraper POV! Looks a lot better than I thought it would. Kind of reminds me of the high roller from stratosphere on crack! Speaking of the stratosphere, I wonder if they'll pull a similar move to what they did in Vegas, and try to fit a space shot on top of the tower. My guess is yes (if it is possible), seeing as S&S has a hand in the design of the coaster that's going up right now.


Oh, and speaking of the skyscraper tower, I hope it'd be possible to put one of these on the CN tower up here in Ontario.. Very unlikely, and probably impossible given the way the CN tower was designed, but if it could be done, that'd certainly be impressive seeing a ride that would almost double the Skyscraper's height!

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^ hopefully for a new chaos type ride that doesn't try to kill people. Those ride were the best. Its prly for a new version of there whipeout sadly


The chance Freestyle is essentially a modern wipeout. That's what those seats are from.

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It's crazy to look at all of these concepts and see how much this industry has evolved in such a short amount of time. And it's especially exciting because it seems that even the most insane ideas already have buyers! Here's to hoping that all of these new projects are extremely successful, leading to more parks taking chances on unique attractions that will fuel even more growth in the industry.

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Great coverage of the show! It's been helping me in deciding who I need to talk to next in a few cases. I'm also glad you guys have been liking the Games-U-Ride concepts. The way those were programmed, there are various options in how the rides can be used. Strike-U-Up may also have a single player mode that works just like a High Striker you can ride. The guys are keeping their ears open to see what exactly the parks want and I'm sure would be interested to hear what sounds good to you too. Oh, and there could be a few hidden Easter eggs in the games too. Its fun to be a programmer


You guys also might be interested in the interviews Anne has been doing and posting on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/IrvineOndreyEngineering. She has been interviewing a number of industry professionals on the one question of what would you tell a hopeful student about getting into the amusement industry. We are big on encouraging people to follow their dreams, but also want to be honest about it being a tough road to follow. These are people that have made it and we highly encourage all hopefuls to take the time and listen to what they have to say. Enjoy!


-Brian Ondrey

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