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IAAPA 2014 Live Coverage!

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IAAPA 2014 is here! Keep up with our live updates over the next couple of days by checking out this thread or following us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/themeparkreview.


For all our coverage in one place, go to the Park Index using this link.


For continuing live coverage, go here.


Last day of IAAPA coverage starts here.


IAAPA 2014 is here!


Just a few of the companies sponsoring this years show!


In just a few moments, lots of people will be making their way into the exhibit.


Got my "park map" and company directory... We are ready!

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Yup, feels like Christmas and we're about to see what goodies are coming our way for 2015. Your IAAPA coverage is always stellar. Really looking forward to this year!


I'll be really interested to see what GCII has this year. Seems like the company has gone through some huge transitions and is fighting fierce competition, but they make great rides and have some innovative and marketable ideas. I'm surprised they haven't sold one of those economy wooden coaster models yet. At least they've got Starliner.


Vekoma seemed like they were in the same boat, though I haven't been keeping up with them.


I hope Larson is there too. They've sold a ton of rides in the last couple of years, and I'm sure they have something else new up their sleeves.

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The first official TPR updates from IAAPA 2014 are in!



The main show floor is open!


Lead car for Holiday World's Thunderbird. Worlds first launched B&M Wing Rider!


B&M showing off their new "family inverted coaster"



Inverting laser tag bumper cars??? What??? Only at IAAPA!


Hanging out with Paula from Holiday World in front of her new B&M Thunderbird train!


Intamin booth brought along a train from Busch Gardens Cheetah Hunt!


For the coaster nerds! :)


Looks like Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be unveiling Batman's lead car at S&S in a little while.


Zamperla showing off a Thunderbolt train and an Air Race flat ride!


Another train under cover at The Gravity Group booth! We will see what this is later!


I have NO IDEA what is under this tarp. Any guesses? :)

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Time for another update from IAAPA 2014. Let us know what you're excited for the most!



SBF Visa has their spinning coaster model on display



New Zamperla ride coming to Give Kids The World village! Mayor Clayton looks happy!


Adam is happy to confirm the Give Kids The World Village Zamperla ride HAS a wheelchair seat!


To discuss this new addition to Give Kids The World, go here!



Fantawild has some impressive park models on display


Over at the Sally Corp booth for a Six Flags press conference! Wonder what this could be?


In just a couple of minutes, Six Flags will make their announcement


Also at I Drive today for a BIG announcement. Stay tuned it's going to be big!


420 foot tall StarFlyer from Funtime coming to I Drive renamed plaza Vue at 360. Tallest in the world!!!


The Joker animatronic for the Sally Corp Six Flags Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D ride has been unveiled!




Tell us your thoughts on the Joker animatronic HERE




Oceaneering showing off ride vehicle movement for Six Flags Justice League dark rides!

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Lots of tarp-themed coasters this year. Hyuk yuk yuk...


The urban starflyer is really cool! We almost had one built in OKC, but everyone was super skeptical of how it would fit in and work. I told everyone that soon other urban areas would get them and OKC would once again miss out on being ahead of the curve... At least now we'll have something to point to if the concept ever gets revived. As I always say, I'm a big fan of integrating quality ride-based attractions into other types of urban attractions like shopping districts.

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More updates!


Here's a closer look at the @SixFlags Justice League ride vehicle from @Oceaneering


Ghostbusters Domo!!!


A 400' tall Ferris Wheel, a 570' tall roller coaster, and now a 420' Star Flyer! The Orlando skyline is changing!


Love the GCI booth with the TPR videos!!

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