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IAAPA 2014 Live Coverage!

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How about some more updates!



Jack approves of this Fun Spot America pic at the Great Coasters IAAPA booth!




Checked out Skyline Attractions, LLC new rides/games - Strike U Up & Spin U Win!


Next up, the unveiling of the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman car at S&S!


Hanging out with some amusement industry celebs! How's it going, Joe?


S&S reveals the "world's first" 4D Free Fly Coaster train for Six Flags FiestaTexas Batman: The Ride!


Neal Thurman & Jeffrey Siebert from Six Flags Fiesta Texas hanging out with their new Batman train!




Six Flags Fiesta Texas unveils their new Batman 4D coaster train! This thing is gonna be AWESOME!!!

Tell us what you think of the 4D coaster trains here!


Love these beer taps on a casket! Great for Halloween events!


Looks like Bonnie Rabjohn is about to reveal the Six Flags Magic Mountain Twisted Colossus train! GET EXCITED!!!

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How about some more amazing updates from IAAPA 2014!



Check out the sexy new Twisted Colossus roller coaster car


New Twisted Colossus train looks great! Bonnie Rabjohn & Fred Grubb already having fun!


The front of the Twisted Colossus train... WOW!!!





Tell us what you think of the new Twisted Colossus cars here!



Some cool water park models on display


Checked out the new Frantic ride for Quassy amusement! Looks like a lot of fun!


Checking out the Premier Rides booth

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Before the announcement in August and the car/animatronic unveiling at IAAPA, I don't think anyone would have believed SFSL would get such a top of the line dark ride. A lot of Guests that come to SFSL haven't been on Transformers or Spiderman, but even those who have will be blown away be this attraction next season. With Scooby being the best (according to many enthusiasts and Sally Corp) version on the Ghostblasters-type dark rides, it great to see that it is being replaced by something even better. That animatronic blew me away.


Six Flags really seems to be dominating so far. Neal Thurmond was recently promoted from SFMM Director of Operations to SFFT Park President. The identification and promotion of great leaders like him is really helping to grow the company and improving the parks' quality.


In other news, I love the Games-U-Ride concepts. With the popularity of games declining in the industry for the past 30 years, I think that these games could be able to help bring them back a little bit. To the TPR members who were able to try them, do you think the experience was enough for a lot of parks to really make money in a park?


I can't be thankful enough for all of the great TPR coverage year after year. Keep up the great work as so many really appreciate it!

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More announcements and reveals!



Triotech talked a bit about Knotts new Voyage to the Iron Reef dark ride!


Yes, these creatures feed on metal and will eat Knotts coasters if you don't stop them!


Was great to meet Matt Ouimet from Cedar Fair! Love what you guys are doing at your parks!


Marie from Triotech is a TPR fangirl! We need more of these! :p


Just announced! "Switchback" wooden shuttle coaster from The Gravity Group going to ZDT's amusement park in Texas!


ZDT's The Gravity Group shuttle woodie will feature a locomotive themed Timberliner train!





You can discuss this new addition to ZDT HERE!


Having a Six Flags day IAAPA!

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It'll be interesting to see how well the wooden shuttle coaster goes over. It does look like a good alternative if a park wants to get a "big" ride in a small space (and a nice change of pace from old shuttle loops).

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ZDT's @thegravitygroup shuttle woodie will feature a locomotive themed Timberliner train!


Just taking a ride on the new Gravity Group train with Duane from RCDB!


Always love Premier Rides!


Can't go to IAAPA without getting an ICEE!


The Koch family and their awesome Thunderbird train!


The Maurer Sohne booth!


The IE Park Booth

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