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IAAPA 2014 Live Coverage!

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Thanks so much for covering this! I am so jealous of KidTums! I want to meet Alan Schilke!


[EDIT] I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but Wikipedia says Alan Schilke is the one behind the Poler Coaster.

Alan's company - Ride Centerline, is doing the design for it. Alan has involvement with it, but I think Joe Draves is the actual guy doing a lot of the design. He's the guy who also designed Lightning Run.


And Lightning Run turned out great, which makes me even more interested in the Poler Coaster.

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Great coverage, but still 1 question.

Screamscape has some news about a FunSpot announcement at IAAPA, about a Chance Hyper GT-X style coaster like Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom they are getting in one of their parks.

The coaster would be called Gatorland Express and the lead car of the train would be themed to look like a gator head.


Do you know their was some kind of announcement about this coaster or is this just plain bullshit?



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Glad to see another Hyper-GTX going in next year, I've been drooling at LR all year


Not trying to bash Screamscape, but do we have any definitive proof of this?

To be fair, Screamscape never said they had proof either. Here's how they ended their story:

Did anyone else attend the luncheon/keynote at IAAPA last week from Fun Spot management who can confirm this?

I like I said, I spoke to the guys from Fun Spot at IAAPA and they said they were certainly "thinking" about it, but that was early on. I told them that it was an amazing ride, and who knows, with enough good press they might have heard from the show maybe they went over to the Chance booth and bought one! Crazier things have happened!

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